5 Tips For When Your Best Friend Stops Being Your Best Friend


First of all, take a deep breath and understand that it’s okay to NOT be okay. It flat out SUCKS. It’s a very painful thing to experience, one that I would not wish on my worst enemy. Outsiders will try to make us feel like we’re over dramatic, “taking it too hard,” but I say they don’t understand because it hasn’t happened to them. T

he people that I have talked to, that have gone through the same thing would vouch and say it’s worse than a break-up. When you break up with your boyfriend you have your best friend to lean on, when you essentially break up with your best friend you fall. There’s no one to lean on anymore. Your once support system, personal cheerleader and keeper of your deepest secrets and biggest dreams are gone. Have you had that moment where it’s 3 A.M. you’re sitting in the kitchen eating cookies, crying about how sad it would be if one of you died? How everything you did would pain you cause it made you think of the other person. When you don’t have them around 24/7 like you used to it almost feels as if they did die. This is the person you’ve spent countless nights at each other’s houses, every family event and have wasted your money on overpriced food with. Can’t forget how when you’re not together your keeping in constant contact at all times through text and Snapchat. You did everything with your best friend, now you’re left with your thoughts, too much time and extra spending money!

If you have gone through such an experience, know that I feel for you!

The thing to remember is that it will be okay but the most important thing to remember is that it might take a while to get to that point, and that is perfectly okay.

1. Journal about it all!

At the end of the night write about your day, how you feel, the cute boy you just meet. As if this journal was your best friend. It helps! List out some goals in that journal too. So everyday you can try to achieve those and journal about them when you do.

2. Don’t rely on others.

Not because you’re bitter but because you want to be able to plan a spur of the moment weekend vacation without worrying if anyone wants to go with you. Imagine those Instagram pics!

3. Be there for others and do NOT expect anything.

This one I personally believe is the most important one. Learn to love people more than you have before! Be their friend even when it doesn’t always seem reciprocated. Even when you really don’t want to, not everything is 50-50 be more than okay with that. It will teach you lessons I could never begin to explain. Just do it.

4. Pick up a new hobby and let it consume you!

Something weird or something you’ve always wanted to do. Look it up and go for it, full force! Use that extra money you would be using to buy food with. Get good at it then post your accomplishment on Facebook!

5. Eat alone.

It’s not embarrassing; it’s actually really relaxing! Who ever said you can’t enjoy fine dining alone. You liked food too much when you had a best friend. Don’t let this one stop.