5 Tough Challenges You’ll Unfortunately Experience When Moving Far From Home


I live approximately 829 miles away from home. I figured that out by typing my old address and new address into google maps. So, my family will never just randomly “stop by” for a visit to surprise my boyfriend and I one day. They can’t go on over if there’s a problem. They won’t even be available if I really need some advice. We have both the telephone and Skype for those things.

With moving away, there are several challenges you’ll have to face.

1.  You’re not a little kid anymore.

Growing up is hard to do, but we have to face it, it will have to happen someday. We must leave the nest and take more responsibility. And, moving that far away will allow plenty of freedom.

2. Paying bills suck!

As if we don’t have enough to pay for– student loans, cough, cough. Now, we must pay for rent, utilities as well as groceries. Ugh! And, mom and dad cannot pay your bills for you because they’re too far away.

3. What do I do if my car breaks down?

Well, if you’re like me and live with your boyfriend, you’re lucky because he’ll be there to save the day. HOWEVER, if you’re on your own, calling AAA or a towing company would be your best bet. I hate cars.

4. It’s hard to make friends.

So, you had plenty of friends in your old town, but making new ones isn’t always easy. It can be a long process to build friendships and keep em’. But, if you work with nice people, then you’ll make them soon enough!

5. Feeling completely and utterly alone.

In the beginning, I felt utterly alone without friends or family by my side. Sure, I had my boyfriend, but I couldn’t always depend on him for everything! You’ll get over the initial feeling of loneliness once you become more accustomed to your surroundings.