5 Toxic People You May Meet In Your Life And Why You Should Be Thankful For Them


We’re always expressively grateful for the people we consider right in our lives. We’re thankful for our supportive friends who stick with us no matter what happens, or for our faithful lover who has continuously made our hearts skip a beat. We feel so indebted to all the people who have been making our lives beautiful and worth living. But the truth is, we can never be fully human without going through some rough roads and coming across some people who make us feel as if we don’t deserve happiness. But once you survive these kinds of people, you will surely see life from a totally different perspective. That’s their purpose. And in the end, you’ll find yourself thanking them as well.

1. Those who ditched you.

Because from them, you’ll rediscover yourself and understand why they left. At first, it will be a little difficult to figure out. You will try to seek for reasons why this happened – why they just threw you away as if you’ve never done anything good. You will find yourself trying to prove why leaving you just like that is the worst decision they could have possibly made. And in the process, you will gradually realize that you are doing all the changes – if it’s even necessary – not for them anymore, but for you. It’s either seeing what’s wrong with you, or realizing that nothing is and you’re just too good for them. Either way you’ll become better, and you will find yourself thanking instead of resenting them.

2. Those who cheated on you.

Because from them, you will realize how you’re never going to take any more bullshit and it’ll be a lot easier to detect liars. As difficult and impossible this may seem for most people, there will come a time that you will appreciate the cheating. It’ll make you even smarter about people. You don’t want this to happen again, so the next time you come across someone who can potentially be your lover, you will be more careful. And believe me, that is something to be really thankful for.

3. Those who talked shit behind your back.

Because from them, you will learn how not to give a damn – simple as that. You’ll learn how none of what they could possibly say about you can destroy you because you know yourself better. That’s the best thing about these kinds of people.

4. Those who did nothing but put you down.

Because from them, you will learn and start working even harder, and along the way you will get to discover more things you are capable of doing. These people will continuously question and belittle you and there will definitely come a time that you’ll start treating every shitty remark they say about you as your motivation. It won’t benefit them, but it will surely benefit you. Because at the end of the day, you’re doing the best thing you can for you and not for them. Let them put you down, then thank them later.

5. Those who were nothing but toxic.

Because through them, you will learn how to just walk away and set yourself free – and there’s nothing better than achieving that kind of freedom. You will appreciate alone time even more as you will gradually see how being alone is a lot better than being with someone who does nothing but manipulate and abuse you. Through them, you will finally get to see the big difference between being alone, and being lonely. Through them, you will appreciate even the smallest things because your world will turn into more colors once you manage to break free from the toxicity. Through them, you’ll learn to choose and appreciate yourself more. You’ll learn to love yourself even more, and nothing beats the very love you give yourself.