5 Truthful Reasons Why Being In A Long Distance Relationship Is Like Being Single


1. You spend Friday nights alone.

You wander the streets and wonder if whether you should grab a beer or a cup of coffee, only to be overwhelmed by lethargy. You find yourself back at home sunken in your couch watching episodes of Friends.

2. You make exciting weekend plans for one.

Mostly because you just need to keep yourself preoccupied, but also so that you don’t feel enormously envious when he raves about how fun his weekend was hiking or exploring a new city with his cool new friends slash colleagues slash girls he is spending inordinate amount of time with you start to wonder why he is not in a relationship with them instead. 

3. You don’t get a second opinion on whether this outfit works or if the dress is flattering, so you put it on anyway.

You learn to trust your own judgement.

4. You get to decide for yourself what you want for dinner.

You walk through the aisles of the supermarket and grab whatever you feel like eating. You don’t need to ask if he’s feeling TexMex or Asian or Indian or soupy or healthy or greasy or kebabs. You can even make yourself that dish you know he hates because he doesn’t like lemongrass or coriander or whatever. On the downside, you are reinstated with the task of decision-making and can no longer hide behind the excuse of being accommodating. “Honey, I’ll eat whatever you feel like eating (but really I’m just too lazy to decide for myself, I am a pig and I can eat anything, so you decide!)”

5. You are your own support system.

You learn to calm yourself down when something is not right by taking deep breaths, only to end up crying hysterically and seriously questioning if you are having an episode of manic depression. You send him a text but he is somewhere across the world. You are not even sure if he is busy working late or busy having a great laugh with his friends, but you know that he is too busy for you because the second tick on WhatsApp never appears. You toss your phone away and focus on telling yourself that everything is gonna be okay. You give yourself a little pat on the back when you can look at the mirror and smile again.

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image – Alex Bellink