5 Types Of Awful People In The World


People who ruin the endings of shows/movies

First of all, how DARE you! Second of all, how could a person ever think it’s okay to just ruin the ending of a movie or TV show?! On what planet is that acceptable, because I cannot begin to understand their thought process. Do they just sit there and think, “Hmm, how I can completely enrage my friend who’s binging their latest obsession on Netflix? Oh! I’ll just let them know that their favorite character dies at the end of season 3!” Because that’s exactly how it seems. There’s a special place for these types of people, and it’s in the fiery, scorching, blistering pits of hell.

People who don’t offer their seat to pregnant women

My hatred for humanity grows a little more every time I see a woman who’s nine months pregnant standing up, rubbing her stomach on a subway cart while no one even budges to offer her their seat. This takes awfulness to a whole new level because these women literally have A PERSON inside on them kicking around, being needy and annoying 24/7, how can your instincts not make you immediately usher her to your seat? I just don’t get it.

People who don’t tip

I’ve never worked as a waitress in my life, but I take it very personal whenever I see someone not tip his or her server, especially when they actually deserve it. If you aren’t willingly to tip someone, then next time you’re invited out to dinner, decline and keep your ass at home and eat some Maruchan ramen noodles. That way, the quality of your meal will match the quality of your status of being a decent human being. (Hint: they’re both awful!)

People who only talk about themselves

This is the worst type of person to have as a friend or to just know in general because the focus of the relationship and “conversation” will always be one-sided. You’ll mention that you’re having a rather crappy day and they’ll immediately dive into the story of how last Wednesday was the worst day of their life before they even consider asking for you to elaborate. These people are quite talented actually, because no matter the topic, they’ll miraculously always find a way to turn the spotlight back to them. Talentedly awful, that is.

People who incessantly complain

When 50 Cent rapped “death’s gotta be easy, ‘cause life is hard” I was like #preach. Life really IS hard and frustrating and arduous, but you know what life is also? A blessing, beautiful, spectacular, wondrous and great. And people who aren’t willing to get out of their funk for two seconds to acknowledge all the amazing things about being alive are just annoying. Sure, life is awful, but not as awful as you are. Learn to be grateful and focus on the positive, Negative Nancy.