5 Types Of Guys You Meet On Bumble Who Will Attempt To Charm Your Pants Off


It seems like nowadays every (hopefully) single millennial alive is all too familiar with 24/7 swiping on Bumble. Here are the five types of guys who will try to charm your pants off.

Sir Trying-To-Get-Into-Your-Pants-A-Lot

This guy will probably brag about how many girls he has slept with, and it will probably be in the three-digit range – but we all know to divide that number by two anyway. He will probably feed you some creative lines in a feeble attempt at getting you to come over, such as how you will not believe how comfortable his bed is. Do not fall for it.

The Cat-Fisher

This guy looks like a 9/10 from his choice of five pictures, but you cannot seem to find him at the bar you agreed to meet at because those pictures were actually from five years ago. These situations are why you tell your roommate ahead of time to call you two minutes into a date gone wrong because of an “emergency”.

The Clingy Serial Texter

You probably sent an initial “hey what’s up?” out of sheer curiosity/boredom with no intentions of making this man your future baby daddy/trophy husband/stay-at-home dad. But before you know it, he has managed to creep into your DM’s and you are waking up to your phone being blown up with mass texts you have not nor ever will respond to.

Mr. Perfect

This guy is a solid 12/10 in his pictures, and his bio literally made you laugh out loud. But is he too good to be true? Maybe, yes. Plus, he probably already has a whole line up of girls messaging him and an ungodly overbooked calendar of dates. Who wants to deal with that? Next.

The Actual Mr. Perfect

Alas, not all chivalry is dead! This guy is probably a 7.5/10, but when you finally meet, he seems super genuine and almost made you choke on your glass of red from his to-die-for Eric Cartman impression. He makes sure you get home safe and miraculously does not ask to “cuddle” that night. High five to this one, sista.