5 Types Of People I Just Don’t Get


1. Rude to service people

Say you meet someone for a blind date at a restaurant. They seem extremely sweet, funny, an all-around good person. But then they are rude to the waiter. No “please”, no “thank you”, they don’t hold their tongue about anything not up to their standards, they don’t treat the kind waiter like a human being. And then they tip like shit. Run. If you look down upon those in the service industry (waiters, maids, drivers, etc.) you suck. At my work, one of the maintenance workers starts to clean up the kitchen at the end of the day. He’s the one making sure everyone’s filth is taken care of. He’ll be standing by the door, changing garbage bags, a friendly grin on his face as people pass him to leave for the day, and he’s ignored. Just because he’s not sitting behind a desk wearing a tie and being a dick to someone on the phone. I always make a point to smile at him and wish him a good night, because I don’t think I’m a crappy person and I don’t want to come off as one. If our appearances only portrayed our morals and the way we treat others, would you be an attractive person?

2. Don’t like animals

I’m not saying every single human should like every single species of animals. I strongly dislike snakes because they’re creepy and gross and make me nauseous just looking at them. But I don’t get those people who can look at a smiling dog in disgust and refuse to even touch them. People who say, “I’m just not an animal person”– I don’t get it. How?! I believe it was Bill Murray who tweeted, “I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.” Couldn’t agree more, Bill.

3. Homophobes, racists, sexists, etc.

It’s the year 2015. I’m baffled by those who still have issues with people who are different. There’s a quote that says, “People fear what they don’t understand and hate what they can’t conquer.” Just because you can’t relate to someone’s lifestyle doesn’t mean it is wrong. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But that doesn’t mean you should shove your opinion down everyone’s throat until they agree with you. Don’t believe in gay marriage? Fine. I don’t believe in God. That doesn’t mean I run around telling people who are going into church that their lifestyle is wrong and they need to change it because my personal beliefs are right. Just keep your ignorant opinion to yourself. The lives of these people aren’t actually affecting you anyway.

4. Self-entitled

What made you think that your shit don’t stink? These are the people who park in the No Parking zone to go into a store, while every other person is parking in the lot and walking over like they’re supposed to. I see this practically on a daily basis, and I always feel a mix of confusion and outrage. What makes you think you can do that, and no one else can? I want to be able to pull up right at the front door of Dunkin, jump out, grab a coffee, and jump right back into my running car. But I have no right to do that, as no one does, not even a fucking cop. These are the people who act stunned when you call them out on something, who cannot grasp on those rare occasions why they can’t get what they want. Once, I almost got into a fight with a girl outside of one of my college parties when we weren’t letting any more people in. Our house was full, we didn’t want the cops getting called, so we were stopping people before they could get to the door. Most kids understood and went walking down the road to find another party. This girl wasn’t having it. She couldn’t get why she wasn’t allowed in, as if I should’ve known who she was and kneeled down as she walked by. But no, that behavior is some of the shittiest behavior in the world, so I came very close to punching the girl in the face.

5. Negative Nancys

Why are you always in a bad mood?! Why do you always have a scowl on your face?! Why can’t you answer a question without the sound of eye rolling in your tone?! Negative Nancy’s are some of the worst people. A bad attitude is never necessary. You’re just putting yourself in a worse mood and dampening the moods of everyone around you. Even if I’m really pissed off or mad or upset about something, if I’m around other people, it won’t show. Maybe because I’m not a child and don’t deflect my emotions on others who have nothing to do with it? I don’t know, but I’ve gone through some pretty tough fucking times and the last thing I ever considered doing was appear to be in a bad mood while I’m in public and make everyone around me feel as though they can’t smile. Having a bad attitude only shows you’re a petty person. Yes, we all get into bad moods, but if you can’t snap out of it when necessary, then you better learn how to.