5 Unfortunate Things That Happen When You Have A Baby Face And Look Way Younger Than You Actually Are


I have a baby face and well, it’s not a picnic.

No, I’m not here to complain; rather I’m going to tell you what kind of sort of sucks about having a “baby face.”

1. You’re labeled “cute.”

I cannot even tell you how many times people have called me “cute.” I’m not gorgeous; I’m rather a cutie pie. Ugh. Don’t you hate being “the cute one?” I mean, it gets old. Just saying.

2. People often say “you don’t look older than 19.”

When I was 22, people have asked if I was still in school. Um…no, I’m actually a legal adult. Please check my I.D and you’ll see that I can actually drink in a bar.

3. “Be thankful you look young now because it will work to your advantage when you’re older.”

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard this line. I know, it truly is great, but what if I actually want to look my age right now? Maybe I’m dumb and unappreciative to think this way, but you’d understand if you had a baby face.

4. Can “baby face” women be models?

I’ve always been interested in modeling, but I’ve often worried if I would make it as such because of my face. I have a nice looking face, but it’s not a typical model face, so I may just have to give up on that fantasy. Sigh.

5. The question that I often find myself wondering is, “will I always have a baby face?”

Do you think my face will get catch up to my age? That sounds like a stupid question, but I would like to know. Hm….