5 Valuable Things I’ve Learned From Working At A Startup


When I told my friends about my new job, they laughed at me because, as an English major and writer, technology and I don’t always get along. But working for a startup has taught me some valuable things. I feel so lucky that I didn’t have plans, so that when this opportunity came along, I could take it.

1. You will never know everything there is to know.

Every day, I learn something completely new. I’m sure this is the same with a lot of jobs, not just startups. However, I feel like smaller companies foster a culture of learning. I see my bosses continually seeking more information and teaching themselves new things every day and it is so motivating. I’ve learned everything from the best time to tweet  to sending a formal-but-not-too-formal emails from the Internet. I’ve realized from working for the App, that I will never know everything there is to know, and that’s okay. It’s a process of learning. (And Google is there to help!)

2. Working in PJs is fun.

Working for a start-up where you have to make your own way is not an easy task. This means that you have to be completely invested in your job, which ultimately translates to checking emails late at night or researching while you are in bed in your pajamas. The thing is though, if you find something you are passionate about, it doesn’t matter when or how much you work because it’s actually something you enjoy doing.

3. Technology doesn’t have to be your enemy.

Like I said, technology is not my best friend. I was always the girl who tried to set up for a presentation in school and every computer would crash or something would always go wrong right before my turn to go. But working for this new app has helped me see the value of technology. I never realized how much it actually helps us stay connected. Not only do most people now get all of their news sources online, but people also are able to stay in touch with family and friends that they don’t live near or see everyday. Just yesterday I used facebook to reconnect with some friends from High School while traveling to L.A. with the Triller App. Without Facebook, I might not have had the chance to see them or hear from them. Technology helps us organize our lives, record memories, and have fun!

4. Take initiative.

At a smaller company, there is always a ton to do and not a lot of people to do it. A couple weeks before the launch of the app, the whole team was working so hard to make sure everything was crisp and ready to go this. This meant that there wasn’t someone around telling me what to do all of the time; I had to just hop in and help where I could. I learned to ask questions and get involved on my own without waiting for someone to tell me what to do. In any job, you should never be bored and should never wait for the next assignment. Instead, seek out ways you can contribute before you are even asked to.  

5. People are so creative, and you can be, too.

The new app I am working on is called Triller, a music video making app. When I was starting up our social media accounts and reaching out to people about the app, I discovered so much cool photography, videos, music and more while doing my job. For example, I never really spent much time on Vine before I created our Triller Vine account. I never realized how many creative people there are out there who are doing song covers, making hilarious vines, dancing… it’s really neat to see. All of the beautiful content shared through the Internet has inspired me to try and be more creative as well. Messing around with the app has also helped bring out my artsy side because there are so many cool filters and so many awesome videos you can make. (Even my snapchats are benefiting from this newfound spring of creativity.)

While working for a startup can be kind of confusing sometimes and definitely challenging, I keep learning more every day. The top five things I’ve learned so far I think can apply to anyone starting a new job: Never stop learning, find something you are passionate about, technology is fun, take initiative, and be creative. (And be sure to check out Triller, a cool music video making app here!)