5 Ways Anxious People Show You They Love You


People have different ways of showing love. Some people are touchy-feely, others use their words. For some of us, especially those of us with anxiety, it becomes difficult to express our love. Even if we are touchy-feely or feel more comfortable using words, our anxieties can hinder our ability to show our love. But, sometimes the simplest of actions can show more love than some people understand.

1. We show up. Trust me, anxious people hate going places sometimes. If we show up when you need us, we care. We love you enough to put ourselves aside to be there when you’re in need.

2. We touch you. If it’s something as simple as a hug, it’s a big step for anxious people. If we’re snuggling up on the couch with you, and we grab your hand, and do the cute move of leaning our head on your shoulder… we feel comfortable enough to do so.

3. We talk to you. We hate sharing our anxieties with people. We ALWAYS feel like a burden. Our minds can be dark and scary sometimes. If you ask us, and we don’t shy away, know we trust you enough to tell you.

4. We can cry in front of you. If you see that, know you are cared about. Know you are trusted. Usually, we anxious like to break down alone. We have our meltdowns behind closed doors and like it that way.

5. We are calmed by you. This doesn’t happen with just anyone. Some people can heighten our anxiety to outrageous levels. If you have the ability to calm us, if you have the ability to center us, and bring us back to the now, we trust you most of all. And if we trust you like that, know we do love you.