5 Ways For Extroverts To Be Somewhat Okay With Spending Time Alone


When being around people energizes you, how do you find that same energy when you’re alone?

I currently work for a small company where most of my work is remote. By nature I’m an extrovert. However, I believe that it’s extremely important for each person to learn how to be alone at some point in time. It isn’t easy at first but going through this process produces huge benefits. If you find yourself struggling with being alone most of the time here’s what I suggest.

1. Think Big And Take Action

When you’re alone it’s just you and your own thoughts. Scary, right? However, thoughts guide actions. When you dwell on the fact that you are alone, you will stay in that current situation. Start thinking big! Take time out of your day to literally sit down and think about what it is you want out of life. Stop weighing the, “What ifs” and letting fear lead you. Instead, throw caution to the wind, get out there and, (in the eloquent words of Shia LaBeouf) “Just do it!

2. Plan Your Day

Regardless of what type of person you are, alone time can either be highly productive or leave you feeling lost without a purpose. I plan each weekday hour for hour to maximize my time and stay focused. This is where the quote, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself” comes into play. After you think big you should create a plan on how you want to build and mold yourself in whatever way you choose.

3. Find A Hobby

Find something to do that energizes you with or without the company of other people. Personally, I love to workout and write so in my spare alone time I do one or the other. Also, don’t let people’s opinion or money influence what your hobby is. Trying to appease the two may leave you more exhausted than energized.

4. Meet People

Network, network, network! Although you may be alone, take a look at the hobbies and activities you enjoy. There is always a community around what you like to do. If you follow me on any social media you’ll notice that I love fitness, sports and I am into my faith. I’ve built community in my small groups, workout partners and playing flag football in a social league on weeknights. It may feel odd doing these things alone at first but it’s part of the growing and maturing process.

5. Travel

I was sitting at dinner with my parents two weeks ago and was thinking about my next move. I have always thought about living in San Diego, California and started seriously considering it. My dad looks at me and goes, “I think you need to book a flight tonight and spend some time out there alone to see if you like it.” The beautiful thing is I am writing this article while sitting in sunny San Diego. I say that because when you spend time alone you have the ability to move and change scenery without restriction. There is too much beauty on earth to stay in one place. Get out there and explore God’s gift to us.

Appreciate where you are because His plan is bigger than your current situation.