5 Ways Men Ruin Platonic Relationships


There is a very fine line when it comes to men and women friendships. Sometimes there will be that friendship that was destined to be and the relationship is STRICTLY platonic. However, most of the time, it can become extremely messy and complicated as time passes.

Side note: I am not saying not to have friends of the opposite sex, just these are the 5 ways to my experience that have ruined my platonic friendships and in the end left someone feeling hurt.

1. Call your friend “gorgeous, beautiful, stunning and hot” on a daily basis. Oh and other flirty conversation starters like “Hey you :)”

Look, we all love and deserve compliments. However if you feel the need to call your lady friend that isn’t your girlfriend these very nice words, prepare to essentially lead her on and put ideas in her head that might have not even been there before you said them. If it’s once in a blue moon when she actually looks stunning and you cant help yourself but to tell her then fine. Although if this is being used on a weekly basis chances are there may be more going on with this “friendship” than you may be willing to admit. If you don’t want to date her just say FRIENDLY encouraging words and leave her looks out of it.

2. Calling her more than your actual girlfriend

If you are calling this person more than your current girlfriend, just stop. First of all it is not only sad for your girlfriend, but you and your friend are not benefiting from this either. Chances are you are trying to get something emotionally from your friend that your girlfriend is fulfilling at the moment. Not only is this hurting your romantic relationship with your girlfriend, but changing your friendship as well. Giving your friend an emotional relationship without the benefits of being committed to her, may be hindering her from meeting someone who she can someday be happy with and also build an emotional connection with like she may have with you.

3. Try to hook up with her after venting about your ex (or current love dilemma)

Nothing can make someone feel more useless than giving advice to your friend about their ex, then watch them try to use you as a sex object to make themselves feel better. It is degrading and can make a person feel as valuable as a sweaty gym sock. Don’t do it bottom line.

4. Falling in love with someone else

Nothing will change a friendship more than when you meet the one. All of those times you used to call your friend up for advice now suddenly will feels wrong because now there is a new woman in your life. Either your girlfriend will be jealous of her and ultimatum your friendship, or inevitably you will drift apart from your platonic relationship because as we grow older relationships can tend to become more complicated. When you fall in love you are no longer looking out for yourself, but also for your significant other. You essentially become a “we” and that generally doesn’t involve a third party. You will lose touch with your friend because she will probably over time move on as well.

5. Hooking up with her

Whether it is from a crazy drunken night and you wake up next to her in the morning and realize what had just happened, or you intentionally decided to hook up with her because you wanted to see if you were meant to be with her after all the friendship will be changed. It may grow into something more and you both realize that you were meant to be together after all, although in most cases someone ends up getting hurt. Hooking up with her WILL CHANGE YOUR FRIENDSHIP. So beware.