5 Ways Our Lives Haven’t Changed At All Since Middle School


Ah, middle school. The days when choosing the perfect Myspace layout took precedence over our grades, and racking up the most Juicy Couture zip-ups was how you asserted dominance.

While looking back at old pictures of yourself in horror, (That blue eye shadow though!) you often laugh at how immature you were and how far you’ve come since then.

However, in some ways, things haven’t changed as much as you might think. Here are 5 ways you actually haven’t changed since those brace-face glory days:

1. The consistent stream of gossip and rumours still very much exist.

Although the rumors have changed slightly from “I heard they kissed on the lips!” to “I heard she’s getting fired”, they will always find their way to appear.

Whether it’s among your college crew or in the workplace, let’s be honest – people will ALWAYS love to talk shit. You might often claim that you’re “above the drama”, but as soon as your cubicle neighbor whispers, “Oh my god, guess what I heard about the new guy”, you feel like you’re suddenly 13 again and getting confirmation that Rachel from 3rd period stuffs her bra. (Which you totally called from the beginning, by the way.)

2. You still don’t feel comfortable dressing however you want.

You thought the judgment days were finally over once you entered college and sweatshirts and yoga pants became the norm (Finally, actual comfort!). However, after you graduated, you eventually accepted the fact that you had to get a real job and look somewhat presentable. #PencilSkirtsForDays

As a result, your thoughts have now transgressed from “Is this outfit cool enough?” to “Is this outfit too slutty?” Finding the fine line between still looking good (Hey, there might be cute guys at this networking event), but also not showing an inappropriate amount of cleavage has proven to be much more difficult than deciphering shirt colors in the dark, cave-like walkways of Hollister.

Who knew clothes shopping would be so much easier when you were 13?

3. Communication with the opposite sex can still be absolutely terrible.

Remember those classic AIM conversations that went something like: “Hi I like u”, “I like u 2”, “Let’s date”, “Ok”? This seems hilarious now, but wait – have you actually evolved since then? Are the drunken 2 am sexts to your ex-boyfriend really that much better?

In middle school, you felt super awkward because you felt you had no idea what you were doing in “relationships”. Now, you still don’t know what you’re doing – but that’s because you’re 100% blacked out, and made the unfortunate decision to create an extremely uncomfortable situation with that guy you went on one date with. #Adulthood.

4. You still secretly want to be popular.

No one wants to admit that they care about what others think of them – but you still do. Whether it’s getting a bid from the “hot girl” sorority or always being on the group emails for the super selective after-work happy hours, you want to be well-liked among the people you surround yourself with.

People always say that the concept of popularity disappears once you enter the real world, but does it really? There may not necessarily be a queen bee anymore, but chances are you still stalk her on Facebook from time to time.

5. The meaner the boy is, the more you like him.

When you came home crying because a boy on your bus was picking on you, your mom would soothingly say, “Oh honey, that’s just his way of showing he likes you.”

Now, you use this twisted way of thinking to justify why you’re still talking to that guy who tells you with complete seriousness that you have an annoying laugh. “Aw, that’s his way of showing affection.” Jesus.

Middle school may seem like ages ago, but that awkward, insecure side of us will still come out from time to time. You may feel ashamed at first, but it’s okay to unleash your inner 13-year-old. After all, when you get so caught up in being “grown-up” and “having it together”, you forget just how thrilling it is to dish some juicy gossip and daydream about your celebrity crushes. You’re never really too old for that, after all. TTYL!