5 Ways To Be A Standout Colleague


We often talk about what makes a good boss and staff member but what are some traits that make you stand out amongst colleagues? Today, I am sharing 5 traits that stand-outs often showcase.

1. It’s about productivity, nothing personal

When you work as closely together as many of us do, things can get stressful (even heated). While it is imperative that people respect one another and the gifts each individual brings into a space, it’s particularly admirable when someone is able to keep their focus on the job at hand and not get their foot caught in the pettiness of a situation.

2. They can make a decision

Leadership and productivity require decisive action. While it’s important to do your research before making big decisions, being so afraid to fail that you allow yourself to be paralyzed is going to hold the whole team back.

3. Good or bad, they share credit

There is something incredible about a team that sticks by one another–good or bad. It’s a sign of leadership when you see someone who not only likes to shine but also shine the spotlight on those around them in good times while approaching individual mistakes as an opportunity for the whole team to be better.

4. They love what they do

It’s a great thing when we make our passion our career. Notice I said “career” and not “job.” A job is something you clock in and out of and can be detached from. A career is long-term and, when ignited with passion, becomes a joy. When you have a team that loves what they do–and puts pride into it–everything, from the office atmosphere to the work itself, blossoms.

5. They trust and appreciate those on the team

Trust and appreciation go a long way. When you trust those around you to do what they need to do while challenging them to do their best a great synergy ensues. When team members feel you care about their job, acknowledge their talents and really understand their value, they are more willing to stick by the team and do what’s best for the whole instead of focusing solely on their specific area and needs.

What do you appreciate in your colleagues?