5 Ways To Be Fabulous On Instagram


Instagram is such an essential thing to own nowadays. It is even more important than your breakfast since you have to take a good picture of your french toast before you can enjoy it. You can be a celebrity on Instagram even if you are not a Hollywood A-Lister. Here, I’m gonna tell you how to be cool on instagram. Because it’s such a shame when you’re so fabulous but your instagram is less fab.

1. Post black + White pictures.

There’s nothing wrong with colored picture. But then wrong filters, bad angle, your red pimple can make it so unacceptable! So unless your colored picture is tumblr-esque or #nofilter worthy, black and white can hide the worst flaw. Come on, even porn looks hotter in black and white.

2. Have Less Following than Followers.

This is important. Only lame people follow more people than people following them. Hey you are meant to be kickass! You want to rule and rulers don’t follow. Don’t worry if you’re already follow your friends, your Aunt Tessie, or your neighbors. That’s what unfollow button for, eh? Even you can also unfollow your closest friends if they are not cool enough. They would understand! Only follow rad magazines, models, and popular friends. Those geeks from drama club? They will know that Instagram is your stage and they are still your friends at backstage, right?

3. It’s not about memories, it’s about looking awesome.

Don’t post pictures you took in family gathering or catching up with friends unless you guys wearing something from the similiar color pallete. No one wants to see your room or bookshelf no matter how much memories you have there, unless they look good enough to be featured on interior design magazine.

You already posted a bunch of pics? Don’t worry! You can always delete those crappy old pics! And yes, you have to delete them because people are SO gonna scroll down and creep your old pictures and found out if you were once uncool.

4. Don’t Take too Many Selfies.

Unless you are a very beautiful girl with thick and wavy, long hair who knows how to apply make up properly. Or you are Freddie Mercury whose duckface is super fine it’s tolerable.

You also need to know that selfie and picture of yourself are different. You can have lots of pictures of yourself, taken by those who are good with camera. Maybe you should prepare a decent outfit for this. You wanna look oh-so-vogue, right?

5. Don’t use hashtags.

Hashtags is a cry for #look #at #my #picture #and #double #tap #it #please. You are cool, you don’t have to beg for hearts. You’ll get at least a ton of it a minute after you publish a new picture.

There you go. Just follow these steps and you’re gonna rock the Instagram! Maybe soon enough Kim Kardashian gonna stalk you and ask if you wanna be her sidekick. I mean, come on! Who doesn’t want to hang out with someone who posted flawless pictures in the most popular social media at the moment? You’re a hit, love!