5 Ways To Brighten Your Day When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong


Do you ever wake up feeling grumpy, irritated and not in the mood to do anything?

It’s like your mind is filled with dark gray clouds. You keep focusing on bad memories, negative people, mistakes you made months ago, words you said days ago…

Here are 5 things you could do to shift your mind every time you feel sorry for yourself.

1. Take 5-10 minutes to recenter yourself.

Learn to be present in the moment, right now. Clear your thoughts—you know some of them are just garbage anyway. Try something that works for you, like meditation, listening to a motivational speech or listening to your favorite song.

2. Get sweaty (outside, if possible).

Working out increases endorphins in your system. It is good for your mood and it will help you feel productive and healthier. Take at least 20 minutes everyday to do some cardio, some push-ups or any kind of movement. You’ll feel like you’ve done something for yourself, and those negative thoughts will disappear in seconds!

3. Smile (even when you don’t feel like it).

As soon as you go to your bathroom in the morning, start by smiling at yourself in the mirror. Then, as the day goes by, smile at strangers. They will give back that smile, believe me. And you’ll instantly feel better.

4. Hold your head high. Be proud of your accomplishments.

Take a minute and sit down. Write on a piece of paper what you have done in your life so far (getting a degree, moving abroad, starting this art class, submitting to a gym membership, calling a family member or your best friend more often, reading the newspapers more). Any small victories should me celebrated. We all have different goals in our lives and we should all be proud of them !

5. Meet up with friends.

Seeing other people and talking about numerous topics will entertain you. It will help you have another perspective on life and not stay stuck on yourself. You will realize that everyone has bad days. It happens, there is no need to worry over small things. Try not to be in your head too often. Don’t ruin your present by thinking about your past.

Life is short, therefore stop comparing yourself with people on social media or in real life. You should run like you are on fire towards your dreams. It might sounds cliché but we only have one life, so we have a duty towards ourselves to enjoy every moment.