5 Ways To Deal With “Feeling” Fat


Fat is not a feeling. I had heard this time and time again; yet I still believed it wasn’t so –“I DO feel fat”, I’d protest. Feelings and sensations are not one in the same. A feeling is internal; an emotion you are experiencing. A sensation is a physical experience (like pain, discomfort, fullness). Feeling fat, then, is a sensation – physically you are “feeling” this way.

1.) Begin to differentiate fat as a feeling.

Ask yourself: “What emotion am I feeling?” When you look at a feeling as an emotion, you will most likely come up with a list of words, none in which include “fat”. Feelings like: anxiety, anger, sadness, depression, etc., etc. Fat is not an emotion, and therefore, it is not a feeling. (They were right)

2.) Choose your words wisely.

The problem with feeling fat is your word choice. Most likely, you have been accustomed to identifying a plethora of sensations at “fat” feelings, when in reality you are experiencing other things… both internally and externally. Start with the internal. When you are feeling fat, dig deeper – what are you really feeling? What emotions are you facing? Moving on to the external experiences, ask yourself: what sensation is my body feeling? The key to this exercise is that you cannot use the word fat. You must find another word to express your current physical state. Make a list of your internal and external experiences. Make note… identify, state it, accept it; and without clinging to it…let it be.

3.) Identify your pattern.

Looking at your list of internal feelings and external sensations – you now have a deeper understanding of where “feeling fat” originates from. Look for a pattern, and when you’ve found it – remind yourself: “Fat is not a feeling. Fat is my go-to adjective for ____, ____, and ____.”

4.) Get ready for the day from the inside out.

Instead of focusing on your external appearance, focus on the internal – what qualities do you have? What do you bring to the table? What qualities in yourself do you wish to embody today?

5.) Rationalize

If all else fails, rationalize. Most likely, this feeling just “popped up”. Did you feel fat yesterday? When did you last not feel fat? Is it physically possible that you became fat within this timespan? Are you eating healthily? Are you moving your body? Are you treating it kindly? If you’ve identified that you are not taking care of your body, do not fret – now that you have identified the problem, you can take steps towards making changes. One bad meal will not make you gain weight. If it’s not a pattern, it is not a problem.

Nourish yourself from the inside out. A healthy mind, a healthy body. You are more than skin deep. Take a fearless look inside – you are wonderful, you are unique, and you are of immeasurable worth.