5 Ways To Deal With Horrible Colleagues


1. Kill Them With Kindness:

Even if the troll looks ugly, compliment her. Or if she says something snide – take it in stride! Sometimes killing them with silence is the best way to go. If they’re stuck with a problem and you know the answer, give them the solution. The point here is to be the better, kinder person. Smile even when you don’t want to.

2. Be Curious:

Ask them about their weekend plans. Ask them about their life: What they studied in school, How they got into said profession? Which television shows they like? Do they read? Make them feel special because everyone LOVES talking about them selves. In this process, you will get to know what they are really like and you might just become friends.

3. Find Common Ground:

If something funny happens – laugh about it together. Don’t like someone in particular? (However callous) it’s proven to make people bond. If you like the same type of books, or have similar interests– find a way to talk about them.

4. Undermine Them:

Even if the person acts like they are better than you – sometimes to survive in the corporate world or in a hostile work environment, secretly keep your claws out. Because they’re probably doing the same. Like they say, keep your friends close but your enemies even closer.

5. Karma:

If you notice how horrible they are, other people probably do too. The cycle of karma is a friend to no one. If you screw someone over – the universe will find a way to screw you back. Be aware of your actions. Be the awesome person you are and if your colleague(s) can’t see that – it’s their problem. Do your job to the best of your ability and get that promotion — while they get written up for being unprofessional!