5 Ways To Engage Your Audience And Build Your Brand


Your social media platform is more than a stage upon which to shout your thoughts and showcase your interests. It’s also an effective tool you can use to brand your business and attract a loyal following, lucrative partnerships and positively impact your ROI. To do this, you must move beyond the links and hashtags to create an engaging environment your audience will not only enjoy and benefit from, but will want to return to again and again.

Here are five ways to polish up your platforms.

1. Know your audience.

While we all want to share what matters to us, it’s important to pay attention to who is following you and to spend time reading their comments, identifying their engagement patterns and catering to their needs and desires.

2. Consistency is essential.

All of us have different areas of interest, but a branded social media platform is not the place to showcase your every indulgence and thought. Always ask yourself, “Is this in-line with my brand?” before you post. It’s also important that you have the same username on all platforms as it makes it easier for fans and clients to find and follow you.

3. Engage your followers.

A lot of people will post photos or articles with nothing but hashtags (reads like a commercial) and others will state their case and log off. Ask your followers to share their thoughts and opinions and respond to any questions they might ask in a timely manner.

4. Keep it polished, positive and professional.

What you find witty and sarcastic might come across snarky and entitled to someone else. It’s essential that you engage your followers with respectful, upbeat content they will find interesting and informative.

5. Be human!

Your followers are human beings and they like to know that you’re one too. Don’t be afraid to show off your vulnerabilities and laugh at yourself now and then.