5 Ways To Identify A Potential Backstabber


I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of being backstabbed. We seem to think that it comes out of the blue, but there are subtle signs that we tend to overlook.

1. They start the pettiest quarrels.

Have you had that one friend with whom you seem to have the pettiest quarrels? You may not normally get into fights, but with this person, there always seems to be a fight round the corner. It will always be for the silliest reason. For example, she likes to constantly humiliate you in front of your other friends and then later claims it’s all a “joke.” You get irritated and you retaliate. It becomes a series of never-ending annoyances. When there’s that much tension between two people—especially when you know you’re not the reason behind it—it’s a HUGE sign.

2. You have no dirt on them.

After a point, you realize that this person has wayyyy too much dirt on you, while you really have nothing on them. You realize that you’ve been letting them in on to your secrets, but they seem to have shut you out. And you claim you’re best friends? Honey, I think it is safe to say that you need to back off from them. Immediately.

3. When they don’t need you, they vanish.

Ever notice that one “best” friend who seems to hang around you ONLY when she needs you? Whenever there are some hot guys around, or whenever you are in dire need of their help—poof!—they do their vanishing act. You overlook this, thinking it is sheer coincidence that they aren’t around when you need them. It’s not. It’s one of their major giveaways.

4. They give you ULTRA-sweet talks.

Uh-oh. The same person will also randomly be allllll over you. Maybe it gives them a certain thrill to puff you up before they burst your bubble. Or maybe it is the fact that you need to be puffed in order to burst in the first place. If someone over-compliments you, or you have a slight feeling that a certain string of compliments was absolutely unnecessary, it’s probably time you watched your back.

5. Your instincts tell you they’re a backstabber.

The way our subconscious mind works is absolutely brilliant. You will have these random flashes of doubts, a vague sense that something isn’t right. But we usually tend to ignore it.


Because our conscious mind is stupid. Sometimes. So tap into your instincts. Do a little digging of your own. If you’re right, you’ll have saved yourself a lot of drama. If you’re wrong—and you may be, because you tend to become too paranoid after being backstabbed too many times—then you’ve found someone who won’t stab your back because they’ve got your back.