5 Ways To Practice Self-Care While At Home


1. Take A Candle Bath/Shower

No bathtub? No worries. I find that taking candle-lit showers can be just as soothing as taking a nice candle-lit bath. Although I dream of laying in lavender bathwater in a gorgeous claw-foot tub, I have to make do for now with a shower. But a shower can be just as relaxing with the right atmosphere. Just flick off the lights and burn all the candles you have handy in the bathroom. Put on your choice of music, lather up in your favorite aromatherapy body cleanser, and let go.

2. Soften Yourself With An Enriching Body Oil

After a calming shower, don’t be afraid to indulge your skin in some extra love and care with your preferred body oil. I use a lavender and amethyst mixture, and not only does it feel smooth on my body, but it also gets rid of blemishes and dark spots. It’s a pricey oil, but the good news is that you can make your own body oils at home and experiment with as many herbs as you’d like.

3. Burn Some Incense

Incense isn’t for everyone, and some may not enjoy the smell or think it’s a bit too intense. Others, like myself, find it aromatic and absolutely rejuvenating. Close your eyes and breathe in the scents while simultaneously doing a self-care activity like painting, or even meditating to help you unwind.

4. Practice Yoga At Your Own Pace

Doing yoga in a small or large group is the norm these days, and there is comfort in a community of people practicing wellness together. While the support of a bunch of yogis inhaling and exhaling with passion in a room is motivating, some of us prefer a solo savasana. On days when I prefer to be in the comfort of my own home, I use a yoga app and devote 20, 30 or perhaps 45 minutes to a great session. I get to practice at my own pace and enjoy my personal time in my own personal space.

5. Take Up A Fun Hobby

Hobbies help us decrease stress from our daily lives and focus on something that can take our minds off emotional burdens. I’ve recently taken up candle-making and working with resin, although I find that I enjoy making candles a lot more. During this time, my mind is focused on wax temperature or design, so my creativity and excitement over the turnout of my project cloud any tension or strain that I might be experiencing. For that short time, I am in a different head space, in a better uplifting mood. So if you’re not sure if you have a hobby or which hobby you’d want to take up, why not try out a few varying activities and see which one suits you best? For me, it’s an assortment of arts and crafts activities.

Essentially, whatever it is that brings you a sense of peace can be a great self-care tool. After all, it’s all about making room internally for a better you. And if baking a pie or making beaded jewelry brings the best out of you, then have at it. We’re constantly alert and running on full speed or sometimes on empty—take the time your body and mind need to refuel and recharge. They totally deserve it. Happy unwinding!