5 Ways To Recover From Getting Called Out For Taking A Selfie


Yeah, yeah, most of us have been caught taking a selfie. Whatever, worse things have happened. But yes, whether you’re in public, in your car, or at work, it’s still embarrassing.

As young professional from the millennial generation, I spend much of my downtime at work checking my different social media feeds: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. Once I get to Snapchat, I’m dreading the selfie peer pressure inevitably headed my way; what if I don’t feel like responding to a selfie with a selfie!? But, since part of me feels rude completely ending the conversation, selfie tag continues. I regularly have full conversations with selfies and the added captions instead of texting.

But then it happens — someone walks in and absolutely catches you in the selfie act. You have a minor panic attack and palpitate with embarrassment. Is it possible to dissuade the intruder from your truthful selfie status? Maybe not, but try out the following tips, and maybe you’ll get lucky.

Pretend that you’re just squinting to see an email.

Then, follow up by saying something like, “I really should stop putting off my eye doctor appointment, my eyesight has been HORRIBLE lately.” I can barely see this email.. I think it is about the staff meeting, have you heard any details about it? Redirection is a common behavioral intervention that is used with children.

Cough loudly to cause any sort of distraction

This absolutely makes the person who caught you second guess what he or she actually saw. Your crazy hand motions amidst the coughing fit serves as the perfect selfie diversion. Most likely, the other party will want to get out of there as fast as they can because we all fear office germs. I would rather be known as the girl who is spreading the most recent epidemic than being caught taking a weird picture of myself to send to my college roommates.

Put the phone down slowly and act as though nothing even happened

Maybe if you act cool and confident, the intruder won’t think that it was weird. It is all about confidence. Have you ever noticed how little you question someone who is shining with a light of self-actualization?

The yawn

If you were only yawning, why would anyone think that you were snapping a selfie? Plus, your apparent tiredness may deter the intruder from trying to engage in small talk. No one likes small talk. If the person decides that small talk is appropriate, emphasize how exhausting your weekend was and how you wish that you could chat about it but you are struggling enough to keep your eyes open this early in the morning.

Simply deny it.

Make the other person feel crazy for even questioning you. Chances are, they already feel a little silly for accusing you of taking a selfie in a professional place, and the issue will be dropped. After all, you are an independent individual, why would you skew your professional image with the use of social media at work?