5 Ways To Show Her You Care (That Won’t Cost You Anything)


1. Write her a letter.

Women are emotional creatures. As such, written word touches our soul even more than spoken words. The thing about a love letter is that it lasts forever. She can always go back and read it as many times as she wants to. Although you can say sweet things, it changes a little every time. You can never get that exact moment back. Write her a letter telling her how much you love her so that she can preserve that moment for a lifetime.

2. Play with her hair.

Simple, yet satisfying. I have no idea what it is about a man playing in our hair, but it sure does say a lot about how you feel about us. If I had to figure it out, I’d say that it’s the stillness and the quality time that comes with you playing in our hair. It’s like the forehead kiss. A small gesture that really shows how much you care.

3. Tell her your favorite things about her.

Now you can be creative with this and it still doesn’t have to cost you a dime. Don’t just list off your favorite things about her, although she’d still think it was just as sweet. Find a creative way to show her all your favorite things about her; the timeless things that you’ll love until the day she dies.

4. Eat her out.

Yes, I went there. One of the simplest ways to show her that you really care about her is to eat her out—and not just the bare minimum either. I mean really go all out, like you love it—like you love her. There is a difference and we can feel it. If you’re one of those guys who still isn’t “into it” then you may not be with the right person. When she’s worth it, you’ll get over that ‘eww’ factor and you’ll learn to love it simply because you love her. Just FYI.

5. Plan a future with her.

This is what it’s all about. When you know that she’s the one, you plan a future with her. Any woman who is committing herself to you 100% is looking for this right here. Don’t let her fool you. If she’s not moved by the thought of a future with you then you two should definitely see other people. That goes for you, too. You two may have already discussed some things about your future together, but actually start. Start a savings account together. Choose a song. Pick a wedding color. Whatever you two can agree is an actual ‘start’ to a future together.