5 Ways To Show Up For Your Loved Ones


“Showing up” is the hot phrase of the moment. Or maybe it’s more than just a moment — maybe it’s a movement, but it’s very much a part of the culture of today.

How do you show up for those you love? Not sure where to begin? Here are five easy ways to get started:

1. Send Happy Mail

I got married last summer, and for months, our mailbox was full of RSVP cards from all of the people in our lives who were going to share the day with us. They wrote little notes about how excited they were to share the day with us, and every time I went to the mailbox, it was a little bright spot in my day.

2. Don’t Forget The Power Of A Good GIF

I know, I know, it’s silly. But there is something about the ridiculousness of a good GIF that can make someone laugh out loud. It takes two seconds and can make someone’s day.

3. Call When You’re Driving (Hands Free, Of Course)

Do you have a friend you love who lives in a different city? Try turning off the radio or podcast and call them when you’re on your way to or from work. It’ll be a great time to chat, uninterrupted. And it’ll make the person on the other end of that phone feel quite loved, for even though they moved cities away, you haven’t forgotten them.

4. Try Sending A Voice Memo Instead Of Text

Look, I get it. It’s 2019 and we all love to text. But there is something to be said about hearing the voice of your loved one that a text message will never be able to encompass. So perhaps instead of texting, you can just record a memo and send that instead. It’s still a message, but they can hear your voice. It’s super easy to do on the iPhone.

5. If Someone Posts Something Sad On Social Media, Don’t Just Scroll By

We’ve all been there. Your friend posts something dark and elusive on their preferred social media stream, and you wonder for a moment if they’re alright. But do you follow it up with actually sending them a message and saying, Hey, I saw your post, are you okay? They’re putting their angst out there. It’s okay — and wonderful — to follow up and offer an ear if they need someone to listen to.