5 Ways To Tell If You’re The Other Woman


You’ve been seeing your guy a while, right? Everything is going smoothly. You laugh together, have fun, you think there’s potential, but then something quickly changes. You start to wonder and get suspicious because certain things aren’t adding up. How can you tell if he’s lying?

If you think he’s a fuckboy, chances are your intuition isn’t far off and he’s telling you whatever he can to tail and bail.

In one of my more recent experiences, the last man I was seeing lied to me about being MARRIED. Here are five telltale signs that you’re only his sidepiece.

1. You only see him specific times every week.

He wants to see you every Thursday night for a date night when you‘re first seeing each other. Girls, that’s the honeymoon stage. Your guy should want to spend as much time together as your schedule allows, and he should be flexible throughout the week. When Mr. Married could only see me on Thursday nights for maybe 3 hours max, something didn’t add up. That was red flag number 1. Please keep in mind he was only living 10 minutes away from me. Scheduling should have been the easy part.

2. He’s weird about social media.

When I first met Mr. Married, we met online. So of course I asked him to be Facebook friends. He proceeded to tell me that Facebook is a toxic dump, and that he never uses it. So I shrugged it off. Seemed logical, and he only had a few pictures of himself up, but everything else was super private even after he accepted my friend request. Now, I’m at a computer all day for work so naturally I have my chat up. For someone who thinks Facebook was a toxic dump, he shouldn’t have been logged in as active all day. Red flag number 2.

3. He’s obsessive about his hygiene and yours.

I know that sounds weird, but girls let me tell you. I have heard every damn excuse on the planet. Mr. Married would be obsessive about washing his hands. But he was also hyper-paranoid about scents, especially my scent and perfume. I had to be careful what I wore around him because “He’s allergic to certain perfumes.” And whenever we were intimate after words I could have sworn I heard the shower running in my bathroom for him to wash himself off. Why? So that when he got home nothing lingered.

4. He disappears at night and on the weekends.

You constantly text him during the day, and he sends you those lovey- dovey cute “Thinking of you” and “Good Morning, Beautiful” texts. Then he withdraws when he gets home. Or in my case, he had to walk his dog for hours on end and make a dinner that took several hours. My real favorite was when he would disappear Friday through Sunday…Then come back around on Monday and repeat the cycle. Boys…please take note. We notice everything even when you don’t. When you least expect it, we will explode, and it will not be a pleasant sight.

5. He’s very sketchy about his phone usage.

Your guy has his phone in his hands 24/7. Let’s get real—he responds only when he WANTS to respond. He has clearly read your message and thinking clearly and hard if he wants to respond to you at all. Or if he’s with his significant other, he’s avoiding you until he has some alone time when the other isn’t looking. It’s a shitty game to play, but we all do it male or female. He could also be blunt about his sketchiness. One night I’m cuddling with Mr. Married and he hid his Facebook IM’s from me, and this is the guy who said Facebook was a toxic dump.

Ladies, please. Always trust your intuition. If you think something isn’t right, it probably isn’t.

Now some of you may be thinking, “So what happened to Mr. Married?” Well, I called him out on his shit. You know what he did? He ghosted and blocked me on social media since I found out his game. Never be afraid to speak your mind. Chances are…you’re 100% right.