5 Ways Women Can Stay Inspired This Winter


Single or not, there are five easy things which every woman can do to stay inspired this winter. Actually there are loads more, but I thought a quick winter list would help lift the spirits of every woman exhausted by the never-ending snow. Ready?

1. Do Something for the First Time

Maybe you like to cook or bake, or maybe you’ve been debating whether or not to take a class. Whatever it is you’ve been contemplating, do it! Learn a new language, a new dance, or whip up something in the kitchen that’ll be so good you’ll impress yourself. I recently made a German Chocolate Cake for the first time. The delectably delicious results had me ready to date myself (and ready for Valentine’s Day). More than that, the cake has left me determined to add to my repertoire of savory desserts.

2. Visit a Museum

When it’s cold and miserable out museums are a safe haven. There is a plethora of interesting exhibits at museums every week, no matter where you live, but especially here in New York City. Find one that interests you and check it out. You can do this with or without company. You never know what will inspire you to pick up a pen, paintbrush, a musical instrument or to book your next travel destination.

3. Buy yourself Flowers

My friend gave me this idea. While living on her own in England she found simple pleasure in buying sweet smelling flowers every week; sunflowers, tulips, or the simplest of roses. Remind yourself that spring is around the corner and that in-between the snow and ice there are beautiful things waiting to grow. Taking time to “smell the roses” never gets old.

4. Start or Join a Book Club

Everyone talks about doing this at some point or another. With good reason! One of the best ways to keep ideas flowing and to find inspiration is through reading (says this High School English teacher). Find a group of about 6 or 7 literary lovers (those who will be sure to do their homework and read their book). Make sure your group is diverse though! It shouldn’t be all teachers or all of any one field. You want a group that will bring an array of different perspectives to the table. When done right, it can be incredibly rewarding. It’s ok to nerd out (In fact I highly recommend it).

5. Go on a Date

Like I said when I began, single or not, there are things you can do to stay inspired. Going on a date with your long-term love, your best friend, your sibling, or find a beautiful stranger to have an adventure. Whatever you choose will have the potential to leave you inspired and hopeful.

So cheer up – spring is around the corner!

image – Unsplash / Vee-O