5 Ways Your Life Gets Better When You Love Your Work


1. You find success easier when you love your work.

Because it comes naturally to you and it emanates from the depths of your heart. You are much more likely to achieve success through work you love. Not only because you’ve invested time in it but because you are devoted to it, and you are much more focused and much more organized. You exert enough time and effort to stay ahead of the curve and you become more determined to excel. “When you do things from the soul, other people dig that shit.”

2. You feel like you are finally in a good relationship after a few bad ones.

A bad job is like a bad relationship; it stresses you out and makes you question it and question yourself. You stay in it because you are comfortable and you are married to your paycheck not to your job. A good job is like a good relationship; you love it, you want to take care of it, it challenges you in a good way, and you just want to see it flourish. It makes you look forward to next time and all the plans you have together. You have no doubts about it, you know this is the one.

3. You don’t chase anyone when you love your work.

When you do things you don’t enjoy, you are always chasing someone; your boss to give you that promotion, the colleague from another department you desperately want to move to, the new director that could possibly determine your future. You are always trying so hard to get others to notice you and get their approval to prove that you are worthy of working for them. When you are truly committed to your work, you don’t care about chasing anyone, you just want to create that work, perfect it, and send it out to the universe. Ironically, the universe catches it and opens new doors for you as people start seeking you out asking you if you can offer your services to them. They just find you, somehow they do!

4. You happily want to tell people what you do.

You can’t wait for people to ask you what you do because you want to talk about it. You are excited to take people on your journey and explain to them how passionate you really are about what you’re doing. You become more content with your life and with yourself and it automatically affects your general mood and your well-being, even when you are stressed out and have a million things to do, you still have a huge smile on your face and you are grateful that you are finally busy in a good way.

5. You never have to ask yourself if this is what you want to be doing in 5 years.

You no longer ask yourself: Do I want to do what my boss is doing? Do I want to be here in 5 years? Do I want to stay in this position? And when you do, you shout out yes to all these questions. You can’t even imagine doing anything else, if anything, you wonder why it took you so long to do this, and how you can only make it better. You know that you belong here and you just want to keep doing what you are doing that the idea of retirement makes you cringe.

While it’s easier said than done to “do what you love,” I believe everyone should try; part-time, on weekends, even 30 minutes a day. Step by step, you will realize you are on to something much better and bigger than you thought and you will ask yourself “How can I get there in 5 years?”