50 Fun Winter Activities To Make The Most Of The Weather


1. Revert back to a child and build an extensive fort out of blankets and pillow cushions. Hide under it for a large portion of the day.

2. Invest in a comically adorable pair of fuzzy slippers, preferably ones that resemble animals, and wear them more than any other shoes you own.

3. Embrace your inner basic and gorge on pumpkin spice lattes, or other seasonal treats.

4. Go to Sephora and get a free makeover before your company holiday party. You can tell everyone you woke up like dat.

5. Become a regular at a coffee shop and pretend you are one of the characters on Friends.

6. Keep a journal and when you are tempted to vaguely spill your feelings about being alone during the holidays on Facebook, write them down there instead. It’s a great move for everyone concerned.

7. Pinterest your heart away, and find inspiration for some DIY gifts for the holiday season.

8. Obsess over anything and everything that smells like pine.

9. Bake something delicious and nostalgic, like chocolate chip cookies, and fill your whole home with the delicious aroma.

10. Get creative and rearrange your furniture. The Spice Girls said spice up your life, but you should feng shui it instead.

11. Spend absolutely all day snuggled in bed with your favorite book, with candles lit for some lovely ambience. Lots of candles. Scented candles, if you’re feeling extra fancy.

12. Prepare for the next Winter Olympics, and try your hand at some snow sport like skiing or snowboarding.

13. Drink some eggnog, or find someone who actually likes drinking eggnog and have them drink it instead.

14. Do an intensely huge jigsaw puzzle with your family.

15. If you meet a new boothang, fall in love, but not just because of body warmth, but because you want them to stick around in the summer too.

16. Fall in love with yourself. Make a list of your strengths and focus on those on nights things get a little too cold and lonely.

17. Consider putting Cinnabon out of business after you whip up the most delicious, extravagant cinnamon buns known to mankind.

18. Visit those over-the-top neighborhoods that go ALL OUT with decorations and lights.

19. You haven’t lived until you’ve gone ice blocking. You simply sit (as best you can) on a block of ice and slide down a hill. It sounds simple and dumb. And it is, and worth every second.

20. Host an exclusive beach party, complete with bikinis and tiki torches in an outdoor hot tub.

21. Add peppermint schnapps to your hot cocoa to feel like the weirdest adult/child combo ever.

22. Pamper yourself with a luxurious bubble bath because, as L’Oréal says, you’re worth it.

23. Get your craft on and try out scrapbooking.

24. Carve out some serious quality time with Netflix. Netflix needs you, and you need Netflix.

25. Plan a get together with childhood friends. It’s refreshing to catch up with someone IRL, and not just based on your Facebook newsfeed.

26. Stand outside the mall and sing “Santa Baby” until someone forces you to stop.

27. In the mood for a fun winter challenge?! Put on as many layers of clothes as possible and then see how far you can walk before your body gives out.

28. If you’re of age, go to a local bar and order the cocktail with the weirdest name. Don’t act like you haven’t always secretly wanted to try an “Olaf’s Wet Dream.”

29. Learn that one thing you’ve always secretly wanted to: take a cooking class, how to beatbox, martial arts, etc.

30. Try your hand at making apple cider. Maybe spike it too.

31. Watch that one holiday movie you always watched growing up. Experience all your feels come rushing back the minute it starts.

32. Look up a Youtube tutorial and make some origami ornaments.

33. Cut your hair, or do some drastic change to your appearance to reflect the changing of seasons. Because why not?

34. Consider making a holiday letter. Decide against it because it causes you so much stress, but then think it over again and say, NO. I WILL LET AUNT CHERYL KNOW WHAT I’VE BEEN DOING THIS YEAR!

35. Do something bigger than yourself and volunteer at the nearest soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

36. Visit an ice skating rink and quickly find out if you are a graceful winter wonderland angel, or if you will fall down…a lot.

37. Go through home videos and photos, and get to reminiscing and stroll down memory lane. Remember that haircut you tried to give yourself in elementary school? What were you thinking, seriously?

38. Igloos are all the rage these days (Igloo Australia anyone?), so hey, if you’ve got the time and resources, why not try building a new icy home?

39. Bundle up and enjoy an outdoor picnic with some other lovely humans. Or dogs. Maybe just have a picnic in a dog park.

40. If you feel up for adventure and perhaps serious pain, take the polar bear plunge and jump in some freezing cold water.

41. Go all Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts of America and collect pine cones and other outdoorsy treasures to make some homemade wreaths.

42. Forget a snow angel, go next level. Make a snow Beyoncé.

43. “Do you wanna build a snowman? …It doesn’t have to be a snowman!”

44. Feel like you’re in a cliche movie scene and have a snow ball fight with neighborhood kids.

45. Take up photography and become the next Ansel Adams.

46. Get a giant tattoo of ol’ Saint Nick on your booty. Nothing says, “Happy Holidays!” quite like Santa on your butt forever.

47. Spend hours with your family complaining about the weather, that nothing is on TV, your career isn’t going as well as everyone had hoped, and still, feel really lucky to be with these ridiculous people you call blood.

48. Choreograph a dance routine to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and perform it after having three glasses of wine.

49. Cozy up to someone you love and take a horse drawn carriage through the park, like the royalty you are.

50. Watch an episode (or two) of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and don’t tell anyone you did.