50 Little Things That Will Almost Always Make You Smile


1. When someone brings a box of donuts to the office.

2. When you have a good hair day.

3. When you wake up and realize you still have 2 hours left to snooze.

4. When someone says your eyebrows are on point.

5. When you get to the till and the item you want to buy is on sale.

6. When there’s no traffic.

7. Singing in the shower.

8. When it’s sunny enough to wear Aviators.

9. When you break up for holiday.

10. When you take a really good photo.

11. When someone says, ‘I love your ombré!’

12. When the bear filter is on Snapchat.

13. Whenever there’s a pick and mix stand!

14. Getting into a freshly made bed.

15. Sitting by the radiator in the winter.

16. When you have the perfect hot chocolate.

17. When you combine 15 and 16.

18. When you wake up naturally and feel amazing.

19. When you see that the first Christmas lights are out.

20. Playing with puppies.

21. When it’s pizza night!

22. When your parcel is out for delivery.

23. When the hairdresser gives you a curly blow dry.

24. When you’re walking along and see impromptu fireworks.

25. Being around that friend who finishes your sentences.

26. When you win at Scrabble.

27. When your jam comes on the radio.

28. When you can see the stars.

29. This joke… “Bacon and eggs walked into a bar and try to order a drink. Barman says, ‘sorry, we don’t serve breakfast.’”

30. Whenever there’s toasted marshmallows.

31. When you smash your own personal best at the gym.

32. Singing along to Disney songs. (Especially Moana!)

33. When you find something in your wardrobe that you forgot you had.

34. Looking at old photographs.

35. Flying kites on the beach.

36. Cuddles with nanny.

37. Getting a text from someone special.

38. When you hairdryer the bed sheets to warm them up before you get inside.

39. When you watch your old favorite movies under the duvet.

40. Friday afternoon.

41. Whenever there’s cupcakes!

42. Getting to end of the month and still having money in your account.

43. Binge watching old episodes of Friends.

44. Bumping into your ex and seeing that they’re hideous now.

45. Afternoon naps.

46. When there’s a happy ending.

47. When the hotel gives you free snacks.

48. Playing on a bouncy castle.

49. Writing your name in the sand.

50. When someone likes your article (wink wink.)