50 Little Ways To Tell If Your Date Is Actually Unavailable Emotionally


1. He’s married, dating, involved, transitioning, whatever… just leave.

2. He is unable to listen.

3. He talks about himself nonstop.

4. He makes things weird.

5. He talks about his ex.

6. He avoids conflict.

7. He avoids actual conversation about things that matter with jokes.

8. He is incredibly busy and hides behind his work.

9. He can’t decide on things.

10. He can’t communicate his needs.

11. He is distant.

12. He looks for conflict.

13. He has expectations for you.

14. Make that several.

15. Make those several specific expectations.

16. He doesn’t know what he is feeling.

17. He doesn’t know what he is looking for.

18. He hides his friends.

19. He hides you from his friends.

20. He never asks you about your life.

21. He never wants to hang out with your family.

22. He awkwardly shuns your friends.

23. He seems uncomfortable in his own skin.

24. He struggles with eye contact.

25. He never tells you what he is doing.

26. He is vague about everything.

27. He tells you what to you.

28. He brings out all of your suspicions.

29. He cannot you that he is upset.

30. He wants you to commit right now.

31. He shuts down when things don’t go his way.

32. He ignores you for days.

33. He disappears and doesn’t let you know what happened in the gap.

34. He fidgets all night.

35. He flakes.

36. He doesn’t even try.

37. You don’t feel like you can trust him.

38. He tells you deserve better.

39. He leaves early, with a weird excuse.

40. He always has an excuse.

41.  Nothing that happens to him is ever his fault.

42. He lies often.

43. When he isn’t lying, he exaggerates.

44. He’s too much of a mystery

45. Hot and cold behavior.

46. He is really charming, but you still don’t feel like he is there.

47. He is very short with his words like you are annoying him.

48. He say more than he needs to, but like he’s trying to prove something.

49. He has nothing going for him and doesn’t care.

50. He tells you he is not ready.