50 One-Sentence Reminders Every Single AF College Girl Needs To Hear RN


1. There are worse things than being a smart, hot, single AF 18-to-22 year old. Like, faaaaar worse things.

2. Beg for no man’s attention.

3. That’s exactly what he wants from you, honey—he wants you to feel validated by his glance, and destroyed by his disregard. Don’t give him the satisfaction.

4. You have every right to stop a sexual encounter in its tracks if you feel at all uncomfortable or utterly unpleasured.

5. There is no one on this planet who can undo you or make you whole.

6. You are complete, you are strong, and you are beautiful just as you are.

7. Never, ever let a meaningless fuckboy come between you and a friend.

8. He is fleeting, but if you nurture it properly, that friendship is forever.

9. In this very moment, you are literally the FREEST you’ll ever be. Enjoy it.

10. *They* will come, babe. Trust me.

11. There will be some dark moments when you feel unloved and unwanted. That’s OK.

12. Don’t deny yourself the space to live those moments—a good cry is super therapeutic.

13. And tomorrow will be better.

14. Just because he wasn’t your boyfriend, doesn’t mean your relationship was irrelevant.

15. Don’t let anyone convince you to be any less of a ho. Be the ho you want to be, and don’t make any apologies.

16. Ho around safely, though! Always use a condom, and let no douchebag pressure you into doing a sexual act that makes you uneasy.

17. There are countless things more important than being in a relationship—your schoolwork, your close friendships, your family, and your sanity, to name a few.


19. Seriously. If a dude doesn’t make moves to perform cunnilingus on your beautiful vagina, ESPECIALLY if you’ve just given him head, tell that bitch BYE.

20. Don’t let anyone dictate to you about your “situation.” Hookups are easy to judge when you’re not involved in them. Do you.

21. Dress your body how YOU want it dressed.

22. If you want to wear a back-bearing crop top to class, go for it. If you want to wear sweats to the bar, go for it.

23. This is your time to experiment, bb! Go wild. Safely.

24. If you feel like you were taken advantage of during a sexual encounter, report it. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have “proof.” Your word is all the proof you need.

25. The best thing you can do for yourself when you’re feeling down about a fuckboy is to self-improve.

26. So go on long walks, splurge on a fancy face mask, eliminate one shitty thing from your diet. Treat yourself like a kween, and you’ll feel like one.

27. Look out for your fellow women, and please, try not to judge so hard.

28. For we—vagina-wielders—are so constantly and so viciously judged for how we display and use our bodies, in ways that men simply are not. Be part of the solution to slut-shaming, not part of the problem.

29. Your vibrator will never break your heart. 🙂

30. So masturbate, masturbate, masturbate.

31. Even if you’re getting laid regularly, it is SO important that you learn how to pleasure yourself.

32. If you haven’t yet, you will feel the fullness of romantic love. Don’t rush it.

33. No, being in a relationship will not perfect you or fix all your problems.

34. Because relationships do not bring unconditional happiness. They come with their own slew of problems.

35. And, one day, when you’re in a relationship, you’ll yearn for your days as an single, independent, badass bitch. Trust.

36. Groom those pubes exactly how you please. Full bush or bare as a baby’s butt. Just do you.

37. When you sleep with someone, you have every right to call that person out if they pull some whack fuck-you-then-ignore-you shit. Just because a guy is a year older than you and on the football team, doesn’t mean he’s entitled to dispose of you.

38. Command every room you walk into. Believe you’re the shit, and others will follow.

39. If you see a woman in the midst of a sexually precarious interaction, offer your help, even if you don’t know her. You never know how a “hey, are you ok?” might save someone.

40. Rejection is shitty, but it’s part of the process. The person you like won’t always like you back. That’s life.

41. If he only lasts 3 minutes, he can’t call it “sex.” 🙂

42. No, you will not be a social pariah in adulthood if you never had a college boyfriend.

43. Cherish all this time you have to yourself.

44. Boyfriends are expensive, and you’re broke AF.

45. It’s perfectly natural to wallow in your singledom from time to time.

46. When you find yourself boiling with envy over someone else’s relationship, breathe. The grass is always greener, babe. They have plenty of problems, too.

47. When you’re out at night, check in with your friends. It’s always a good idea to have other people know where you are, and who you’re with.

48. If you’re looking for new dating avenues, get your sweet little ass on Bumble/Tinder/Hinge! Scope out your options. Swipe right.

49. But if that’s not your thing, don’t sweat it. Online dating is only fun when you’re into it.

50. Live your life, babe. It’s exciting.