50 One-Sentence Reminders For Anyone Going Through A Sexual Dry Spell


1. Your matching black underwear looks sexy AF, even if no one else can see it.

2. Sex with your vibrator is better than sex with a man who barely knows your body.

3. Sex feels best when it’s with someone you love, so you should hold out for the real deal.

4. You don’t need a man to admire your body in order to appreciate your body.

5. Your friends were exaggerating when they told you about all of the awesome sex they’ve been having, so you aren’t really missing out.

6. The less you focus on sex, the more time you have to focus on your career.

7. No one else will realize you’re going through a dry spell, unless you tell them.

8. There’s nothing stopping you from making the first move, so stop waiting for men to initiate everything.

9. They’ll never admit it, but some of your guy friends have masturbated to the thought of you.

10. Most women don’t orgasm from penetration alone, so what do you really need his dick for?

11. Puppy cuddles are just as good as man cuddles.

12. A woman doesn’t hit her sexual prime until she’s in her 30s.

13. Be happy you live in a century where porn can be found with the click of a button.

14. Romantic love isn’t the only type of love that matters.

15. You have plenty of family members and friends who love you, even if no guy can say the same.

16. The orgasm you get from masturbating over that cute guy at work is probably better than the orgasm you would’ve gotten from actually sleeping with him.

17. Even though no one is around to tell you, your orgasm noises are hot as all hell.

18. You don’t need to lose weight or start dressing differently in order to get male attention.

19. No one actually cares about your number of sexual partners.

20. You’re saving a ton of money by skimping on condoms, lube, and birth control.

21. Sometimes, a kiss feels ten times better than sex does.

22. You never know how many men you pass on the street are picturing you naked.

23. Sex won’t make you feel any better about yourself, so find another way to raise your confidence.

24. At least you don’t have any STDs to worry about.

25. And you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.

26. And you don’t have to worry about shaving every inch of your body, either.

27. You’re not going to “lose your touch,” because having sex is just like riding a bicycle.

28. Sex isn’t as glamorous as it looks in the movies.

29. Having no sex is better than having horrible sex with a horrible guy.

30. The more you masturbate now, the easier it’ll be for you to teach your partner how to make you orgasm in the future.

31. The cashier at the adult store won’t judge you when you buy multiple vibrators at a time, so feel free to stock up.

32. If you lowered your standards (not that you should), thousands of people would be willing to sleep with you, so never assume you’re undesirable.

33. You can wear lingerie and take sexy pictures to feel good about yourself, even if you have no one to send them to.

34. Virgins in their 20s are way more common than you think.

35. You’re not a prude for being selective when it comes to who you sleep with.

36. You’re not a slut if you decide to have a one-night stand or twenty one-night stands.

37. If all you’re looking for is sex, it’s completely free to create a Tinder profile.

38. Going back to your ex isn’t the answer, so don’t even think about it.

39. You’re not a piece of meat; you’re more than a body.

40. You should be proud of yourself for having high standards.

41. You don’t owe a guy sex, just because he paid for your drink at the bar.

42. Your body is absolutely gorgeous, even on the days when men ignore you instead of checking out your ass.

43. You’re one hot motherfucker, and you deserve to be fucked like you’re one hot motherfucker.

44. Every guy is different, so even if you were experienced in the bedroom, it would still take you time to figure out how to make a new boyfriend cum.

45. Sex complicates relationships, so you should be happy your boss didn’t follow through with sleeping with you.

46. Pizza is even better than an orgasm.

47. Sometimes, sex won’t even make you orgasm at all.

48. Literally no one cares about your sex life, because they’re too busy worrying about their own.

49. You should carry a condom around, because you never know when your dry spell is going to end.

50. Once you find the man you want to sleep with for the rest of your life, you’ll realize that the wait was worth it.