50 People Choose The Most Overrated Film Of All Time


Found on AskReddit.

1. Napoleon Dynamite

Even right after it came out, when everyone was in love with it, I thought it sucked.

2. American Sniper

Being in a rural area with tons of ex-military I’m utterly sick of hearing about how great it was, how great he was, and how horrible the guy who shot him is.

3. The Notebook

I’m sorry, but old people in love didn’t keep me entertained.

4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Fuck that movie so bad. All my friends think it’s hilarious and whenever we’re all chilling and it comes on TV, everyone gets all excited. I fucking hate it so much. The acting sucks. The story sucks. The scenery sucks. Yet it has such a cult following. I can’t stand it.

5. Birdman

Motherfucking Birdman. Saw it in theaters and it was brutal. The whole thing didn’t make any sense to me. I found the one shot technique to be extremely distracting and jarring, and I think everything was just so over the top it just took me out of the experience completely. I walked out thinking that it was an achievement in editing and cinematography but I had no idea it would win awards and be considered the best film of last year.

6. Ted

Fuck that fucking stupid piece of shit movie. I just saw it a couple months ago at a friend’s house because I didn’t have my car and couldn’t leave. Recycled family guy jokes and "oh! It’s funny bc it’s a toy and if you saw a person doing it, you’d probably call the police bc it’s insane and creepy!" And now there’s a sequel coming out? Great. I even watched the trailer and caught at least 2 more recycled family guy jokes in it. I like some of the stuff Seth MacFarlane does, but he could at least use a different voice for the bear instead of his Peter voice.

7. Frozen

It is such a bad representation of women. It tells little girls that if you have a problem then you should runaway and build an ice castle to hide in. Then in order to finally resolve the conflict you have to get bailed out by your underappreciated sister with the help of a man. About the only thing they got right was Olaf.

8. The Hangover

It was just something unfunny that happened once.

and again,

and again.

9. The Great Gatsby

Honestly the new Great Gatsby. I can understand if you want to modernize the music to attract a younger crowd. But if you’re going to modernize the music, modernize the time period. It just clashed playing 2000’s pop music while the movie is set in the roaring 20’s

10. Slumdog Millionaire

It certainly did not deserve Best Picture Academy award. Why I hate it:

Exaggerated western stereotypes of India

Fake authenticity. The lead guy Dev Patel was born and raised in the UK and doesn’t even speak Hindi right (as was supposed to be native language of the character he played.)

“Anything goes” storyline.

Too many factual inaccuracies and plot holes.

I’ll never know what made that movie win Best Picture in 2009. I can only guess that it was partly Danny Boyle circle jerk and partly pity-mongering (‘oh look…how terrible!’).

11. The Wolf of Wall Street

My god was it a bad movie. I understand that you might have enjoyed it, because there were boobs and where else could you find those. But the pacing was awful, the writing was bad, big story-changing elements were thrown in with no introduction, there was no reason to root for or against the main character, they did a poor job explaining why what he was doing was illegal… I could go on.

But everybody liked it because hey, drugs and boobs. At least the Academy agreed with me and gave it no awards.

12. Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim was awful, and no one seems to give a shit. Oh look, this fucking sword just came out of nowhere. Let’s cut off this massive flying lizard’s tail…Wait, it’s still able to fly? WTF? I can usually suspend disbelief in sci-fi flicks, but I couldn’t handle the level of awful contained in Pacific Rim.

13. Inception

Fucking end your movie. I really don’t want to draw a flow-chart to follow a movie.

14. The Hurt Locker

I found it boring and severely overrated.

15. Nacho Libre

Nacho fucking libre.

And imagine hearing nothing but quotes for months on end from coworkers. It was a freaking dumb movie.

Only thing worse is any movie with Kevin James.

16. Interstellar

There are three things that can drastically affect the passage of time:

1) Velocities close to the speed of light,

2) Passing close to the event horizon of a black hole,

3) Sitting through the movie Interstellar.

When they came back from the water planet and the dude said "you’ve been gone 20 years" I was like, "Is that all? Felt longer."

17. Mission Impossible II

It wasn’t the worst movie ever, but it was a serious departure from the "smart action" sort of genre that Mission Impossible had always been, both the TV series and the first film. John Woo was not the right director for a M:I film. He turned it into a caricature of action movie scenes (something about motorcycles or ATV’s on a beach or sand dunes vaulting into the air), and about the sixth time someone took off their false face while doves flew by, I just burst out laughing. It was just ridiculous.

It was the most disappointing movie I’ve ever seen. Not the worst, mind you, but the most disappointing. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person to dislike this film, but I detest it far more than anyone else I’ve ever met.

18. A Christmas Story

It is on every year and my family always puts it on and I just can’t stand itttt.

19. The Exorcist

The Exorcist SUCKS and is boring as HELL.

20. 2001: A Space Odyssey

‘Hate’ may be the wrong word, but I really didn’t like 2001: A Space Odyssey. I found it fascinatingly boring. And when, towards the end, the ~15 minutes scene with all those colors flying around through space came up, I was like "What?"

21. The Godfather

It is morbidly boring.

22. The Imitation Game

I walked out of the theater in the first forty minutes.

It is basically Big Bang Theory without the laugh track.

23. Drive

Two hours of Ryan Gosling being awkward. Bryan Cranston didn’t even help.

24. No Country For Old Men

No Country For Old Men is the absolute fucking worst. Chigurh isn’t terrifying, he’s a goof with a Dorothy Hamill haircut who kills people with a fire extinguisher. It isn’t "deep" it’s just sooooo stupid.

25. Pacific Rim

I just thought the acting, story, writing was godawful. The only redeeming quality was the animation. Everything else about the movie made me cringe. I feel like the story was forced and didn’t make any sense.

26. Tangled

A lot of people are saying Frozen, but the one I can’t stand is Tangled. Simple, boring, predictable characters that don’t give me any room to wonder what might happen to them. If there even were songs in the movie they were the most forgettable Disney songs ever. Say what you want about Let It Go, but that shit is memorable if nothing else. Honestly a lot of the movie was just forgotten and I don’t care enough to see it again. The only thing I do really remember (other than the animal companions being incredibly underwhelming compared to other Disney films) was that it was difficult to root for anyone. Caesar-horse was just an asshole who really didn’t have a reason to be there, Rapunzel was an idiot even in the context of her own little world, everyone else was either an antagonist or comedy relief. In the end I tried to root for thief-guy love interest but that was still terrible since his only interest was getting in her pants (not the greatest of goals but at least its something) and he still didn’t succeed by the end of the movie. In fact they go out of their way to point out that he didn’t succeed by the end of the movie. Like they wanted to let me down on purpose.

27. Juno

It felt like it was written by a room of 50-year-old Hollywood execs that browsed MySpace for 30 minutes trying to understand teen slang.

28. Titanic

It’s so incredibly boring! Love, social controversy, yadayada drowning. The scene with the guy falling was pretty funny though.

29. Edward Scissorhands

I just think it’s really boring.

30. Cloud Atlas

All my fellow film nerds cream their jeans over this movie and I hated it. Couldn’t even finish it…and that’s the "true, true."

31. Superbad

I saw that the summer I graduated high school. That movie should have been MADE for someone like me. It was hot trash. It’s also why I can barely stand Jonah Hill, at least until he got thinner and stopped yelling so much.

32. Ender’s Game

It was boring and predictable.

33. Gladiator

Yes, I really enjoyed the first couple of battles, but it just followed way to many clichés, plus at the end, the big climactic fight is against….. Joaquin Phoenix as the wussy Roman Emperor. Half of Rome could have beat him with one hand tied behind their back. I mean, come on!

34. Amelie

Nothing of mention actually happens in the entire movie and the entire tone of it is just… ugh… It’s my SO’s favorite movie, I can’t stand it.

35. Avatar

Nothing made sense in this movie. Zoe Saldana looks sexy brown and green, not blue. I don’t understand why we were meant to feel bad for the aliens. This wasn’t like a fucking nutty mercenary going to kill aliens and steal their stuff. This was a rare resource that was needed to save all human life and they had to get it. Urgently. But Sam Worthington had to go and fuck it up out of selfishness. Of course there is a theory that he was brainwashed by the Na’vi, which makes much more sense because he seemed like a smart guy. And besides, in the sequel I’m sure they’ll just send a proper army because that was just like…a rudimentary guard.

36. Gangs of New York

It was 40 minutes too long, and could do without half the characters. The climax happens half way through the movie as well, so the next half is just boring as shit.

37. The Never Ending Story

I can’t tell you exactly why I hate it, maybe I just saw it at a bad time in my life. But the flying dog in the movie haunted plenty of my childhood dreams.

38. Gone Girl

It has so many good reviews but I found it painful to watch. I’m not sure if it’s because I watch a lot of Criminal Minds and CSI but I wanted to yell a the screen the entire time.

39. Fight Club

FIRST RULE OF FIGHT CLUB: IT SUCKS TOTAL COMPLETE ASS. Everyone loves it for I don’t even know why! The movie constantly contradicts itself whether with it anti-consumerist message with blatant product placement out the WAZOO or where the movies logic makes no sense because Tyler and what’s-his-name Edward Norton’s individually interact with people at the same time or where the ending makes absolutely no sense or where IMO where the acting’s just not that great. It’s a horribly paced film and I honestly think people just like it because everyone else tells them too.

That’s just my opinion though drops mic

40. Annie Hall

Seriously, that movie makes me want to kill Woody Allen.

41. Fargo

Generally I enjoy the Coen brothers’ movies. O Brother, Where Art Thou is one of my favorite movies. But I just couldn’t get into it. I didn’t like any of the characters, and I just found it incredibly difficult to get through. To be completely honest, I was bored out of my skull. I never turned it off because I expected it to pick up and it just never did. I stuck it out until the end, but I have no desire to ever watch it again.

I hear heaps of praise for it as well. Most people I know love it, or at least recommend it. I just don’t get why everyone loves it so much.

42. Django Unchained

I get that it was trying to show the darker side of slavery, but there’s such a thing as too much. It had its moments, but overall I really didn’t like the movie.

43. The Big Lebowski

I suppose it hurt that I watched it 15 years after it was released and everyone and their grandmother had told me it was the greatest movie of all time.

I hated all of the characters. I didn’t laugh once. I couldn’t root for anyone—I just wanted them all to fail at what they were doing. I think it was a function of my expectations being too high, but for the life of me, I was bored to tears.

44. The Princess Bride

I might get killed for saying this but I hate The Princess Bride.

I never saw it as a kid, so every last goddamn person I ran into that found out I had never seen it went into a complete fit of hysterics and demanded that I drop what I was doing to go see it. Fuck that.

I finally caved in at age 25 because one person just wouldn’t shut up about it. To this day I want to punch that son-of-a-bitch in his big stupid gaping maw.

I just don’t get what is so wonderful about it, but I will say a shit ton of jokes make more sense now.

45. Crash

Lazy pandering that played off race paranoia complete with weak generic storylines that tried too hard to be "meaningful". Bored the shit out of me.

46. The Dark Knight Rises

Oh how The Dark Knight Rises can go fuck it self in an infinite number of ways…

It has more plot holes than a Swiss cheese:

Magical spine-reassembling-punch guy.

Bane’s entire motivation is either a) For the evulz or b) For Talia, but instead of either, we’re given some wannabe nihilism with a pinch of Joker leftovers.

Why the heck would Gordon send every cop in the city down in sewers!?

A complete bastardization of its characters:

Bane—even though there’s plenty of great material from which to build the character (Knightfall, Secret Six, etc.) as respectively a master strategist or noble savage out of touch with the world around him, he’s a joker rip-off with a creepy crush.

Catwoman—Instead of the multiple interesting iterations we’ve seen, she’s a hot girl in an uncomfortably tight leather suit, that Bruce falls for, for no apparent reason.

Talia—Okay, I’ll admit it was a nice touch to have her be the inside (wo)man, but she has no real characterization other than "VENGEANCE FOR MY DADDY".

And don’t get me started on Robin…

In short; Shitty movie trying to rip off its predecessor whilst murdering its source material.

47. Pitch Perfect

It’s just fucking Glee with curse words, and Fat Amy is one of the most cringeworthy characters I’ve ever seen on screen.

48. Any Lord of the Rings movie.

Books and films. Seriously bores me to tears and I love fantasy.

49. Any Harry Potter movie.

Every. Single. Fucking. Harry. Potter. Movie.

FUCK. FUCK FUCK FUCK. Sitting through those shitty fucking dicknibbling fucknuggets made me want to shoot explosive gonorrhea all over the screen.

50. Any Medea movie.

I’m sorry but she/he does not represent the entirety of the African Any Medea movie American culture. He’s a comedian using the angry black Jesus worshipping women stereotype to cash in. Okay, his movies are B+ at best. What’s worse is when my ex Hispanic friend would make stupid jokes to me about how I’m black and should enjoy the actors work and expect me to laugh. If that doesn’t drive salt into the wound having my Iranian boyfriend call me the angry black woman just because I’m voice my opinion is absolute torture.