50 Personalized Gifts That Your Forever Person Will Cherish For Eternity


Online, you can get pretty much anything personalized. So use the internet to your advantage this holiday season.

1. A Scrabble board that has meaningful words glued to it (like forever person and soulmate).

2. A piece of jewelry that has their birthstone hidden inside.

3. A pair of boxers that says your name across them.

4. A teddy from Build-A-Bear that has a voice message inside saying, “I love you.”

5. Personalized M&Ms that have your faces printed on them (yes, this is a thing).

6. A phone case that has a picture of their dog on it.

7. Coasters that have their favorite song lyrics written on them.

8. A personalized bobble head that looks exactly like the person you’re giving it to.

9. A pocket watch with a message engraved inside.

10. A garden stone with their puppy’s paw print on it.

11. A necklace with the coordinates of the place where you first met.

12. A star that’s been named after them.

13. A baseball (or football or hockey puck) that’s been signed by their favorite player.

14. A personalized perfume made out of their favorite scents.

15. A book signed by their favorite author.

16. A pocketknife that has their initials carved into it.

17. A playlist that contains all of their favorite songs.

18. A golf ball that has a personal message written across it.

19. A keychain that has an inside joke written across it.

20. A framed photograph of the two of you.

21. An ornament that has both of your names written on it.

22. A shot glass with their favorite movie logo on it.

23. A blanket that has a photograph of their family across it.

24. A scrapbook that contains all of your favorite couple’s pictures.

25. A Rubix cube that has photos on each side.

26. A framed canvas of the date you started dating.

27. A personalized t-shirt or hat.

28. A ring that’s engraved with a special message.

29. A decorative plate that has all of their family member’s names listed on it.

30. Playing cards that have your photograph on them.

31. Custom wrapping paper that has the person’s photograph on it.

32. A cake with the person’s photograph on it.

33. A beer glass that has their name across it.

34. A charm bracelet or a charm glass necklace that contains all of their favorite things.

35. A puzzle that has your favorite photograph across it.

36. A mug with their favorite television couple on it.

37. A trophy that has their nickname and “world’s greatest boyfriend” on the name plate.

38. A candle that has a photograph of the two of you across it.

39. A magnet with all of your favorite photographs printed on it.

40. A locket with a photograph inside.

41. A jar that contains notes with all of the reasons why you love them.

42. A chocolate bar wrapper or wine label that says their name on it.

43. A sliver of wood with your initials carved into it.

44. A caricature of the person.

45. A customized license plate that they can hang in their room.

46. A gift certificate for a tattoo parlor.

47. A framed photograph of the place where you first met.

48. A welcome mat that has their last name written on it.

49. A poem or a short story that you wrote especially for them.

50. A nice, long kiss.