50 Phrases You Need To Drop From Your Vocabulary In 2017


1. “I look like a mess today.”

2. “He’s out of my league.”

3. “I’m too fat to wear that.”

4. “I’m fine.”

5. “I don’t understand why he likes me.”

6. “She’s prettier than me.”

7. “I can’t do anything to change it.”

8. “It’s never going to get any better.”

9. “I look ugly in that photo.”

10. “My job sucks.”

11. “I want to die.”

12. “I have no friends.”

13. “No one else understands.”

14. “I’m going to be single forever.”

15. “I’ll do it later.”

16. “I’d be prettier if…”

17. “I didn’t get enough likes on my photo.”

18. “It’s impossible.”

19. “There’s no point in trying.”

20. “I’m going to make a complete fool of myself.”

21. “I should’ve known better.”

22. “I don’t need anyone’s help.”

23. “I’m going to die alone.”

24. “I’m never going to find love again.”

25. “I wish I never met him.”

26. “I’m going to let everyone down.”

27. “Life is meaningless.”

28. “He didn’t mean to hit me.”

29. “I want to get revenge.”

30. “I’m too busy to see my friends.”

31. “He’s never going to like me back.”

32. “I’m never going to make something of myself.”

33. “It’s not fair.”

34. “I can’t do it.”

35. “I’m not good enough for him.”

36. “No one wants me there.”

37. “I’m not smart/funny/talented enough.”

38. “I’m giving up.”

39. “I wish I were more like her.”

40. “My life is harder than everyone else’s.”

41. “I’m a failure.”

42. “I’m such an idiot.”

43. “My family would be better off without me.”

44. “If I made more money, I’d be happier.”

45. “Getting drunk will solve all my problems.”

46. “They’d have more fun without me there.”

47. “It’s too hard.”

48. “I don’t deserve a guy like him.”

49. “Stop crying.”

50. “I hate myself.”