50 Real Questions Every 20-Something Trying To Figure Life Out Needs To Ask Right Now



1. What do I actually enjoy doing in my spare time?

2. Have I called one of my parents today?

3. Am I happy in this stage of my life right now?

4. What would I do if money wasn’t a problem for me?

5. Where would I like to see myself in five years?

6. Am I surrounding myself with people who share the same values as me?

7. Am I surrounding myself with people who leave me feeling happy or leave me feeling sad?

8. Am I defined by being in a relationship?

9. Can I be content being single?

10. What can I do that will help me improve my mindset?

11. What can I do that will help me reach my goals faster?

12. What can I do that will give me more years to live?

13. Is this fourth glass of wine really necessary?

14. How can I better myself as a human being?

15. How can I grow to be a better daughter or a better friend?

16. Do I actually want a puppy or do I want a boyfriend?

17. Am I wasting my life away when I do nothing all day?

18. Am I healthy mentally and physically right now?

19. Should I be spending all my money on caramel lattes?

20. Was I really in love with him or just the idea of him?

21. How can I encourage myself to keep on going when things get tough?

22. When is the last time I had a meaningful conversation with someone that wasn’t just about who they were dating?

23. What terrifies me the most?

24. What makes me cry the hardest?

25. What was the happiest day of my life so far?

26. What do I stress out about the most?

27. When I lie awake in bed, what or who am I usually thinking of?

28. What is one thing that feels fulfilling to me?

29. What part of me feels empty or sad?

30. How can I improve the environment I currently am in?

31. Do I like my job?

32. What would I do if I knew I could always succeed?

33. Who makes me smile the most?

34. Should I buy a car or a bike?

35. Should I take a taxi or walk?

36. Is my savings account happy right now?

37. Is going to Taco Bell really a great idea?

38. What the heck did I even learn in college?

39. Do I know how to sew things if my buttons fall of my clothes?

40. Can I change a tire?

41. When I have conversations, do I usually listen or do I just talk about myself?

42. What makes my heart beat faster?

43. What is something I have lost and have never found again?

44. What has been the worst day in my life so far?

45. What makes me smile even in dark circumstances?

46. If I were blind what would I enjoy more, taste or touch?

47. What do I envision my life to be like in fifty years?

48. Is worrying ever going to help me in anyway?

49. What makes me, me?

50. What am I grateful for in this exact moment?