50 Reminders To Stop You From Texting Your Toxic Ex


1. If he missed you, then he would be the one sending the first text.

2. He is your ex-boyfriend for a reason.

3. Just because you miss him, that doesn’t mean he belongs back in your life.

4. Talking to him will only reopen old wounds.

5. You can do better.

6. He doesn’t deserve a second more of your time.

7. You have already given him enough.

8. Most of the time, staying friends with an ex fails miserably.

9. Don’t let temptation lower your standards.

10. “You can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar.” — Robin Scherbatsky

11. Closure is an overrated concept.

12. Your heart will have an easier time healing if he is out of the picture completely.

13. You are too smart to fall for his bullshit a second time.

14. Stop considering him the one who got away. 

15. You are out of his league, not the other way around.

16. Don’t cry over him when you know he is not crying over you.

17. The best revenge is finding happiness without him.

18. Your worth is not determined by whether or not he likes you.

19. The single life isn’t so bad.

20. You cannot give up on love, but you should give up on him.

21. This pain may seem long-lasting, but it is only temporary.

22. Love yourself instead of wasting that love on him.

23. You are more beautiful when you’re smiling — and you are smiling more without him.

24. Texting him isn’t going to make you feel any better.

25. Waiting hours for his reply will only make you feel worse.

26. Don’t put yourself through even more pain on purpose.

27. Let him go.

28. Never settle for someone who makes you feel like shit.

29. Sometime soon, you are going to find someone who actually deserves you.

30. You are going to find someone who appreciates you.

31. You are going to find someone who respects you.

32. Your heart will not remain broken forever.

33. Your smile will be real again.

34. Getting over him might take a while, but it is going to happen eventually.

35. You are going to be happy without him.

36. Some people were good for you in the past — but would be horrible for you moving forward.

37. Trying to ‘win him back‘ is a waste of your time.

38. He is not a prize.

39. You are the prize.

40. He had no excuse for hurting you.

41. The further away from him, the better.

42. You are going to get over him soon.

43. You are going to realize you dodged a bullet.

44. Delete him from your phone.

45. Delete him from your social media.

46. Delete him from your mind.

47. He doesn’t realize what he is missing.

48. Stop fooling yourself.

49. He does not deserve a second chance.

50. There are plenty of other contacts in your phone who would be happy to hear from you. Text them instead.