50 Small Ways To Practice Self-Care


1. Hydrate

2. Eat healthy food.

3. Exercise

4. Sleep

5. Inhale some fresh, outside air.

6. Go out with a friend.

7. Love yourself.

8. Have fun.

9. Get your nails done.

10. Soak up in a bubble bath.

11. Treat yourself once in a while.

12. Write down ten good things that happened over the last year.

13. Be present. In whatever you do.

14. Read a non-fiction book.

15. Go out on a date, even if it’s only with you.

16. Plan your dream getaway.

17. Meditate

18. Make a snowman (if it’s winter).

19. Get a killer tan under the rays of sunshine (if it’s summer).

20. Take a break

21. Go window-shopping or try-on-but-never-buy shopping.

22. Watch the sunset.

23. Listen to music.

24. Learn how to say “no.”

25. Say “yes” to something crazy.

26. Put on your favorite movie.

27. Buy a bouquet of flowers for no reason whatsoever.

28. Take yourself out for a hike.

29. In case you love winter sports, go snowboarding or skiing.

30. Skype with your parents (or go hug them if you can).

31. Remember to be your top priority.

32. Find inspirational quotes online and read them.

33. Undertake squats challenge (25 squats per day? for 30 days?).

34. Drink chamomile tea (it’ll soothe you).

35. De-clutter your apartment (donate what you don’t use).

36. Cook something new and post the picture on Instagram #foodporn.

37. Say something nice to one person (it has to be truthful).

38. Free write in your diary.

39. Pamper yourself (e.g. take Sunday and do all your beauty routines: facial, hair mask, mani/padi, eyebrows, full-body exfoliation, wax).

40. Save 10% of your salary every month.

41. Steer clear of drama.

42. Binge-watch your favorite TV show.

43. Try out a new café (take a book with you, sit near the window, enjoy the aroma of coffee and those words connecting perfectly into a
novel you love).

44. Smile

45. Forgive

46. Always say “sorry” when you are wrong.

47. Change your thoughts (stop over-thinking, be positive and abstain from all those dramatic scenarios).

48. Don’t quit (be it a new goal or relationships, try to make it work for once; quitting is easy, working at it takes time and effort, try
the latter)/

49. Put your phone down (no more notifications, new posts, tweets, at least for a day or two).

50. Have gratitude. (practice it every day, it is very powerful)