50 Songs Of The Summer


1. “Moaning AC Units” by Basement Apartment

2. “Assholes Screaming” by Outside Every Bar

3. “Torn ACL” by Random Sprinkler

4. “Making Out” by Rooftop Access

5. “Coca-Cola Tallboy” by PLEASExist!

6. “Friend Fatigue” by Endless Sleepovers

7. “Butt Sweat” by $hhhh

8. “Recommendations for You” by The Netflix Instant

9. “Sunburned” by Impromptu Naps in Lawnchairs

10. “Regrets” by Daiquiris

11. “Travel Plans” by Friends with Money

12. “You’re My #1 Fan” by The Electricity Bills

13. “A Nightmare Manifests” by Outdoor Concert

14. “Work Cardigan” by Corporate Employee

15. “Plastic Cup of Ice” by The Bodega

16. “Sand in My ***** and ***” by Beach Sex

17. “Just Fuckin’ With You” by The Weathermen

18. “Foot Meet Urine” by Urban Flip Flops

19. “The Subway Melted/This is Hell” by M.T.A.

20. “Shit We Canceled” by Broadcast Television

21. “Mysterious Liquid” by Air Conditioners Or Something Worse

22. “Towels on the Seats” by Traumatized Thighs

23. “Explosions and Probably Aliens” by Hollywood Blockbuster

24.  “Traffic” by Long Weekend

25. “Jorts, Mothafucka” by No Joke

26. “Chest Gash” by Slip N’ Slide

27. “My Blood is Fla-Vor-Ice” by Box of 100

28. “Pit Stains” by Grey Clothing

29. “Funnier As An Idea” by Kiddie Pool

30. “Everyone Knows What’s Inside” by Inevitable Hot Dog Discussion

31. “It’s Not the Heat, It’s Me” by The Humidity

32. “Don’t Go Outside This Month” by The Heat

33.  “Oh, Only Two Syringes” by Conveniently Located Beach

34.  “Connecticut Forever” by Pink Chino and The Boat Shoes

35.  “The Deepest V” by Thin Mustachioed Barista

36.  “We Live Here Now” by Grocery Store Freezer Section

37.  “It Already Looks Like Throw Up” by Sangria

38. “Bathing Suit Bra” by Laundry in Autumn

39. “BYOBBQ” by Charcoal Grills

40.  “Too Hot to Care” by The Public Pool

41. “The Perfect Summer Body” by Last Month’s Magazines

42. “Giant Sunglasses” by Tilting Girls

43. “The Sound of Your Sanity Devolving” by Ice Cream Trucks

44. “$1 for Your Guilt” by Lemonade Stand Kids

45. “Indistinguishable Fireworks” by The Instagram Essentials

46. “Rapping About Sex” by Indispensible Summer Jam

47. “Yelling About Drugs” by Potential Summer Anthem

48.  “Surprise Orgasm” by Random Cool Breeze

49. “SPF 2013” by Very Pale Featuring U.V. Rays

50.  “Whatever Reminds You of Your Summer Fling” by The Point of Pop Music

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