50 Things Every Girl Needs To Hear


(1) Men are not the enemy. For that matter, neither are women. We’re all in this together.

(2) Find what you love doing and do it.

(3) Don’t let anyone tell you what you’re capable of.

(4) Learn from your mistakes.

(5) Learn to forgive the mistakes of others.

(6) Know that life is a series of highs and lows and that’s okay.

(7) No one is going to save you. Learn to save yourself.

(8) Be exactly who you are and the right people will love you.

(9) Being part of someone’s life is a privilege. Treat it as such.

(10) Don’t try and look like the women you see in magazines. Even they don’t look like that.

(11) You will encounter moments where life seems utterly hopeless. They will pass.

(12) See the beauty in everything and everyone.

(13) Never ever settle for less than what you really want.

(14) Life is far too short to be superficial.

(15) Figure out what you believe in and fight for it.

(16) Question everything.

(17) Be kind. You don’t know what hardships others are battling.

(18) Always be true to yourself.

(19) Don’t bother justifying any aspect of your character or taste.

(20) At the end of the day, the opinions of others simply don’t matter.

(21) Seek adventure.

(22) Never stop learning.

(23) Only give your heart to those who will cherish it.

(24) Your clothes do not define you.

(25) Embrace your faults as well as your strengths.

(26) Believe in true love.

(27) Read.

(28) Trust your intuition.

(29) Surround yourself with people who love you for you.

(30) Speak your mind.

(31) Stand on your own two feet.

(32) Beauty is a feeling that exudes from within, not a goal achieved by pasting on skimpy clothes and 5 lbs of makeup.

(33) It’s not possible to please everyone at the same time, so stop trying. Please yourself.

(34) Playing the victim won’t get you anywhere you want to be.

(35) Learn to enjoy your own company and you’ll never feel lonely.

(36) You’re stronger than you think you are.

(37) Don’t be afraid to remove toxic people from your life.

(38) People who assume they know everything about you just by looking at you are not worth your time.

(39) You will have your heart broken. It will hurt, but don’t let that stop you from loving again.

(40) Material things will never make you truly happy.

(41) Fear nothing but keep your wits about you.

(42) The world is full of all kinds of different people. It makes things interesting.

(43) Your worth is not determined by what other people think of you.

(44) Don’t let anyone treat you like a doormat.

(45) Beauty is a matter of perception. What is beautiful to one person, won’t be to someone else.

(46) There are boys and there are men. Learn the difference.

(47) Face life and all its problems head on.

(48) Nothing in this world is worth selling your soul for.

(49) People can be downright viscous. Don’t stoop to their level.

(50) Finally, live life for what it is: a gift.