50 Things To Do Instead Of Being Sad About Your Breakup


1. Make a playlist of your 10 favorite super awesomely cheesy 80’s pop songs to dance it out to (“Hold On” by Wilson Phillips is a MUST).

2. Cook one meal and one dessert for yourself that you are craving, and that you have been too busy being a boyfriend/girlfriend to actually make.

3. Call up a friend you haven’t connected with in a while to get coffee because your nights and weekends for the next who knows how long are wiiiiide open.

4. Eat an entire pizza and feel zero shame. Ain’t nobody you gotta impress.

5. Meticulously choose and memorize the lyrics to which songs you would KILL in a lip sync battle against Jimmy Fallon and then challenge a friend. Recording this for later laughs are a definite bonus.

6. Two words. Retail therapy.

7. Strap on your fancy pants and GO OUT DAMMIT. Call up a friend, drink some bevs, and dance.

8. Write because now you finally have something to write about.

9. Write because you finally have time to write about something.

10. Realize that it’s not that you didn’t have time to write before, it’s that you weren’t making the time because you were choosing to spend all of your time preoccupied in love’s sweet, all-consuming embrace.

11. Clean your room. Maybe even deep clean. Break out those Magic Erasers and mops.

12. Attend a yoga class.

13. Research cat memes and send them to at least 5 friends who you think might need to smile.

14. Think about a fear you have that you haven’t told anyone about and find someone to tell. Even if it is a stranger sitting next to you on the bus.

15. Buy a new plant and name it.

16. Adopt a cat!

17. Rearrange your room according to fung shui.

18. Wonder what ever happened to society’s obsession with fung shui.

19. Wonder if “fung shui” is how you spell fung shui.

20. ACTUALLY create a budget.

21. Plan a trip.

22. Budget out money for your next trip.

23. Create a board on Pinterest or even a physical inspiration board/wall/journal in anticipation of this trip.

24. Look at a Calendar of Events for the city in which you live, and plan to attend something that seems out of your element.

25. Pick up a new book at a bookstore.

26. Start a blog.

27. Take a nice, long drive without a specific destination but also make sure you have GPS capability to find your way back if you want to.

28. Take a nap.

29. Write a poem.

30. Leave a kind note in a public place for a stranger to find.

31. Go for a bike ride.

32. Play/learn how to play a musical instrument.

33. Cook for a friend without them knowing beforehand and surprise them when they walk through your front door and you hand them your delicious, home-made parmesan crusted chicken.

34. Take a surprise trip home to hang with your parents/friends from your hometown.

35. Binge watch Stanger Things on Netflix…again…(do it…)

36. Paint your nails.

37. Drink a strong cup of coffee.

38. Go to a wine tasting in a city you’ve never been to.

39. Deep clean your bathtub.

40. Plan a week of healthy meals.

41. Do your laundry.

42. Take a weekend trip by yourself.

43. Go to karaoke night by yourself.

44. Drink tea.

45. Floss.

46. Watch a movie in black and white.

47. Find photos of your parents when they were your age and try to imagine what you’d talk about/ask them.

48. Eat a bowl of fruit.

49. Take some photos.

50. Breathe.