50 Thoughts While Watching Fifty Shades Of Grey


  1. It’s coming out Valentine’s Day weekend?!
  2. Wait, I’m single – I hope my taken girlfriends will go with me.
  3. Who are the girlie ones?
  4. Every womens’ media site and their mom is promoting this movie.
  5. Maybe I should go back to the Kindle and read the trilogy again.
  6. How many times do I have to explain, this is a LOVE not sex story! It’s not even that steamy compared to the paperback Fabio book covers.
  7. Keep your expectations low – it’s not Proust.
  8. Raise your hand if you’ve been butt-slapped before.
  9. I’d like to take a trip to Portland/Seattle/Paris.
  10. Page 1 of the first book: try not to sleep with wet hair.
  11. Another thought: Like Anastasia, I love having beautiful, smart friends like Kate.
  12. Grey is a great color. Silver sparkles.
  13. Are movie tickets going to be sold out?
  14. Yes, I have a group outing!
  15. Let’s sneak in wine.
  16. Jamie Dornan has the same expression in each photo, like K-Stew in Twilight. Sultry or annoying?
  17. Oh, the soundtrack is sooo sexy.
  18. Oh, Northwest you’re so dreary.
  19. Mmm, ties on a guy.
  20. #Galentinesday is the best!
  21. Like candy on Valentine’s Day.
  22. Someone take me for a helicopter ride like “The Bachelor.”
  23. Oh, this is racy!
  24. Oh, this is awkward!
  25. I love a guy who takes control.
  26. What girl doesn’t like getting gifts?
  27. Wow Dakota Johnson has an amazing body – no stretch marks?!
  28. Love is pain.
  29. Man, so many guys are closed off like that.
  30. Who doesn’t like a steamy elevator?
  31. Um, bath time with a guy sounds wonderful.
  32. The piano playing is so beautifully sad.
  33. BOO to Mrs. Robinson. Which actress plays her?
  34. Anastasia’s such a lucky dork.
  35. Rita Ora’s in this movie?
  36. We saw a lot of the girl and not the guy.
  37. It would be weird to go with your mom to this flick.
  38. It would be kind of hot to go with your boyfriend to see it.
  39. My fantasy is (keeping this to myself)…
  40. Mr. Grey likes to always have alcohol. Mr. Grey uses protection.
  41. Mr. Grey will see you now. Yes, sir.
  42. What would it be like if the guy was the submissive…
  43. I love how he holds her hand leading her to the “red room.”
  44. I’m a romantic at heart.
  45. The one is the exception.
  46. Is it getting hot in here or am I flushed?
  47. Well that was a sweet afternoon outing.
  48. Can’t wait for the next one!
  49. Boo, now I’m going home alone.
  50. I need a cupcake.