50 Tiny But Powerful Reminders For The Girl Healing From Being Cheated On


1. You are better off, much better off than to be with a boy who could not be loyal and faithful to someone as incredible as you.

2. Don’t make excuses for someone who can’t step up to the plate.

3. Why would you want to be with someone who was too blind to see what they had in front of them?

4. Now you have all this time to indulge in YOUR projects, hobbies, and dreams. (Remember, all the ones you put on hold because of him?)

5. It’s time to focus on you. Be selfless for you and give yourself all the love you gave to someone who didn’t deserve it.

6. Remind yourself that there are far better things ahead of you than what you leave behind. Really, don’t look back.

7. There will be days you feel sad and angry and hurt. It’s okay. Healing takes time. If you could be so patient with him to figure out how to be a good man, you can be patient with yourself to get over someone who has proven to you they are not even a good person.

8. Thank your lucky stars that you found out now. The universe is guiding you away from someone not good enough for you.

9. You are not broken. You are a bit bruised but there was more to you before him and there will be more to you after him.

10. I know the memories hurt. But you had memories before him, years of them, and you will have years of memories after him. One day you’ll forget he exists.

11. The moment you realize you’re a badass bitch and no one, especially a boy, can ever take that away from you, your life will change.

12. It’s okay if some days you don’t feel good and just want to stay in bed, give yourself those days. Just know that it won’t always be like that.

13. You are an extraordinary human being. Never settle for mediocrity.

14. No, you are not blind or stupid for not seeing all the lies. You believed in someone you loved and trusted. It is not your fault they abused that trust.

15. This doesn’t mean you will never trust someone new. You’ll just be more cautious. You’ll have all these lessons inside of you. You’ll recognize the red flags.

16. Seriously, take care of your body. Stay hydrated, make sure you eat, and get adequate sleep. I know this hurts, but do not hurt yourself because someone was dumb enough to hurt you.

17. Don’t go looking for love. Love will find you when it’s time.

18. One good deed doesn’t undo the lies and deception. Don’t try to convince yourself otherwise just because he happened to ask how you’re doing after he broke your heart in the first place.

19. Someone who truly cares for and wants you will make the effort. Every.Single.Day.

20. Pay attention to actions. He always used to say that he needed to appreciate you more but never did much about it. You deserve more than a boy who only has sweet words but is not man enough to own up to them.

21. Why would you want to be with someone who is unsure about you? Let them be confused about their feelings alone. They don’t need to play with yours too.

22. You cannot change anyone but yourself, and it is not your job to help anyone who doesn’t want to be helped (or can’t help themselves).

23. Understand that love cannot be turned off at the flick of a switch; it will take time for that love to go.

24. Don’t ever overlook things you’ve never been okay with in terms of romantic partners.

25. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Make sure you are someone who you can and want to spend your life with.

26. Build a life you are proud of. Anyone who comes in to it is an addition to your life, not your entire life itself.

27. Time is a precious thing. Never give your time to someone who doesn’t make it worth your while.

28. Recognize that you do not miss him; you miss the person you thought he was. In which case, good riddance because you don’t need fake people in your life.

29. The reason your person hasn’t come into your life yet is because he’s out there making moves, getting ready for you.

30. Let go of him. It’s okay to let go. Not everyone is meant to stay forever, especially someone like him.

31. One bad chapter does not equate to a bad life. Your story is meant to be so much more than this.

32. You are surviving this every day you get through a day. You have not given up.

33. It was never your fault. Ever. Remind yourself that something is wrong/missing/broken inside of them, not you.

34. You are better. You deserve better. And you will get it someday when the time is right. This is a stepping-stone leading you down the right path.

35. Do not ever cater your life to someone else’s demands. Now you get to do what you want, when you want, how you want.

36. No, you will not build a wall around your heart because of this. You will be cautious, you will be guarded, but it is in your nature to love ferociously. You’ll do that still with the right people.

37. Do not ever let anyone have the power to make your heart hard and your soul dark.

38. You don’t need to talk to him or see him, ever. He is toxic to your well-being and your happiness. Block, erase, delete, and set it on fire, whatever you need to do.

39. No, you don’t have to forgive him. He doesn’t deserve that. Forgive yourself for thinking you were dumb for not seeing the signs. Forgive yourself for trying to rush through the healing process because you just want to get over this. Forgive yourself for being too hard on yourself. You deserve that forgiveness.

40. The best revenge is to be the better person, to be the bigger person, to come out knowing you are incredible and you are on to bigger and brighter things.

41. Understand that this was meant to happen. I know you thought things were good, but know that sometimes, good things fall apart because you are meant for greater things.

42. You are not alone. So many people are in your circle and I urge you to not push them away. Welcome that care, welcome that love, you are so deserving of it.

43. Just because one person didn’t see your worth, does not mean you don’t have any. This is just proof that they are not worth it.

44. One day you’re going to be happy and so full of joy. You won’t get there quickly, but you will get there.

45. You know what that says about you? You know what that shows? Your strength. Your resiliency. You will be able to say “this happened to me, and not only did I survive it, I conquered it.”

46. Your life is not over. This is not the end of the world. This will not matter to you forever. It really, truly won’t.

47. Hold your head high. You’re not the one whose credibility doesn’t exist anymore. You’re not the one who cannot be trusted. You’re not the one who had been labeled as deceptive, manipulative, and cruel.

48. You are not too much. He just wasn’t enough for you. You are not lacking in anyway.

49. You don’t need to understand why he did it. All you need to know is that he did, and numbers 1-49.

50. You, my dear, are a badass bitch and no one can take that from you. No one.