50 Tiny Things We All Can Do To Help Improve The World We Live In


1. Always say please and thank you.

2. Hear people out before you react with your opinion.

3. Recycle.

4. Foster an animal.

5. Help someone you see struggling.

6. Accept people for who they are.

7. Don’t spread hate.

8. Travel and immerse yourself in other cultures.

9. Become a weekday vegetarian or participate in meatless Monday.

10. Walk or bike to work.

11. Don’t abuse other’s kindness.

12. Exercise.

13. Donate food to local homeless shelters.

14. Use reusable shopping bags.

15. Donate blood.

16. Compliment others.

17. Plant trees.

18. Shop local.

19. Pay it forward.

20. Invite someone eating alone to eat with you.

21. Don’t talk negatively about others.

22. Encourage children.

23. Turn your phone off in the movie theater.

24. Write thank you letters.

25. Call your friends and family more.

26. Let people know they aren’t alone.

27. Vote.

28. Don’t lie.

29. If you don’t understand something put yourself in a position to learn.

30. Never be the smartest person in the room.

31. Visit elderly at nursing homes.

32. Tip generously.

33. Laugh often.

34. Donate once a month.

35. Keep an open mind.

36. Try everything once.

37. Install solar panels.

38. Learn how to make people laugh without insulting others.

39. Don’t kill bees.

40. Give stuff away, without looking for anything in return.

41. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.

42. Check your privilege.

43. Be honest.

44. Be grateful.

45. Don’t buy products that test on animals.

46. Donate old glasses.

47. Buy a Christmas present for a child in need.

48. Coach youth sports.

49. Open every one with open arms.

50. Spread nothing but love and positive vibes.