50 Ways To Make Eating Ramen Noodles Less Depressing


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If you’re looking for a very simple way to make ramen extraordinary, go with Parmesan cheese.


Peanut butter. Preferably the chunky kind. Makes it a little Thai. Also sriracha, and an egg or two.


Sriracha, chive, and an egg.


Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.


Dashi broth with miso and chopped green onions. Maybe throw some tofu in there.


I personally add either a hard boiled egg or a poached egg, basil, lemon juice, some diced chicken, red pepper flakes, and some pepper. You don’t need to add salt; the packaged flavoring is all the salt you need.


Miso paste, instead of the crap flavoring it comes with. Also some veggies like beansprouts, Chinese greens, etc. And wakame (seaweed).


Ragu. Make cheap spaghetti.


Peanut butter and rice vinegar, soy sauce, sriracha. Trust me.


Tuna. It’s actually fucking awesome and you can share it with your cats because you are alone and a loser.

Cries to self


Eggs, slices of beef steak and Mama Sita’s soy sauce.


Potato chips!




Little bit of chili powder does the trick for me every time.


A little dollop of peanut butter into the boiling water. Makes it savory, slightly sweet, and adds a decent amount of protein.


Onions, cabbage, an egg, olive oil, sriracha.


Soft-boiled eggs, fishcakes, and some meat.


I used to drain the liquid after seasoning and then add the seasoned ramen noodles to a can of Chunky’s New England clam chowder.


An egg cracked into the boiling water, a can of Vienna sausages (sliced up appropriately), and a heavy-handed dash of black pepper.


I once took the carnitas out of a leftover half-burrito. Chopped up some cilantro and onion. Threw that shit into a packet of pork flavored ramen. Not traditional, but pretty good. I may have even squeezed a lime into there.


My favorite is to cook the middle with minimal water. Then once it’s cooked though, add the flavoring packet. Usually best with chicken or Oriental. Then add a few slices of white american cheese and have it melt isn’t a cheesy sauce. Not soupy but more thick noodily cheese.


An egg.

Hoisin sauce,


Then milk


Fried garlic, hot sauce, egg, spring onions, beef, basically a lot of vegetables or meat are amazing. Seafood as well.


Garlic powder—everything must have garlic.


I have a recipe for ghetto stir fry! Just cook the ramen (don’t use the powder), drain the water, stir in a teaspoon of Sriracha, two tablespoons of peanut butter, a tablespoon of Hoisin sauce and then some cashew bits or peanut bits.

Throw it back in your empty boiling pit for about two minutes, stirring constantly. Add a fried egg or some veggies for added flavor!


Egg, sesame oil and chili oil!


Peanut butter noodles! First boil the noodles, and strain them. Then throw them in a pan with some oil, throw in as much peanut butter and Sriracha as you can handle. Mix it up and you’re set. Cheap and much more filling than ramen on its own.


We cook the noodles without adding the flavor packet at the end. Then, add halved cherry tomatoes, cubed avocado, and a squirt of Italian dressing. It’s remarkably delicious for its humble ingredient list.


PLEASE for the love of god, TRUST ME THIS ONE TIME and put a slice of cheddar cheese in it. Let it melt for a bit. then stir it around. it just disappears into the soup and the soup…..oh my god the fucking soup…. it just turns into something golden. feel free to dump a bowl of cold rice in it once you are done with the noods. trust me I’m Korean. Koreans bleed ramen soup and sneeze noodles.


I grate in a semi frozen chicken breast in to it and add green onion and bean sprouts when serving.


I really like adding cayenne pepper to beef ramen it just makes it so damn good with that little spiciness!


My fancy ramen dish, it’s a stir fry. Uses only shit you probably already have in your house. First pre-cook the noodles and drain them, throw some oil in the noodles so they don’t stick together while you make everything else.

for the sauce you’re gonna need soy sauce, peanut butter, oil (I prefer olive oil but we’re eating ramen here so cooking oil works too), and brown sugar. Put about 1/2 cup soy sauce, 1.5 tbl spoons brown sugar, a decent amount of peanut butter, and enough oil to cover the bottom of your pan in said pan. If you don’t have measuring utensils just totally guess – you really can’t fuck this up. If you have teriyaki you should add a little bit of that too but if you don’t, extra peanut butter! Stir them together on medium heat till the peanut butter is totally blended in.

Chop up an onion (literally like $.40), maybe some baby carrots or bell peppers if you fancy and have them lying around. The onion is necessary for flavor! The other stuff is bonus. Fry these veggies in your sauce. Once they’re good and fried, throw the noodles in there. Stir it all up and serve. If you feel super fancy scramble an egg on the side and throw that bitch in there too. Lie to everyone about what it is. Call it stir fry noodles in a homemade peanut teriyaki sauce.

I have fed this to multiple people under the guise of real adult food and it has been a success.


I usually add some chicken stock or bacon grease to the water, and then some baby carrots sliced in half towards the end of cooking to soften a little bit, then drain and add bacon and sugar peas. Delicious.


Sesame Oil


Lime Juice



Processed cheese. The cheap, individually packaged one. Add one or two slices to your bowl before eating and stir. Best meal ever.


i add any of the following to my ramen: egg, sesame oil, rice cakes, dumplings, peanut butter, cheese. so good!


Leave out the damn packet, then fry it with some soy/teriyaki sauce some sirarcha, possibly some chicken and mushrooms, and definitely green onion (scallions)….. best damn way to make it EVER.


Throw away the seasoning packet the second you open the package, then add a little butter, soy sauce, black pepper, cherry tomatoes and kale.


I personally add meat, some green onion, a tiny bit of garlic, a tiny bit of ginger, and a poached egg to my broth while cooking. After taking it off the heat I like to put in one or two drops of sesame oil, any more overpowers the ramen. Garnish with some more green onion and add sriracha to taste.


First you sautee some onions and garlic, then chuck in some celery and carrots. Let those sautee for a bit, then put in some black beans along with some spices and lentils. Add some canned dice tomatoes and some broth. Let it boil, then lower heat, let it simmer, and put a lid on it.

30 minutes later, you perform the most important step: Don’t add the ramen. Taste it, add some salt, and you have something that, per serving, is cheaper than ramen and only takes 30 minutes to cook, maybe 45, and only uses a single pot.


I refuse to eat it without steak sauce. A1 is the best, then country bob’s. It tastes so much better, everyone who I’ve had try it loves it. I also add many spices, hot sauce, and jalapenos but steak sauce is the main ingredient for sure.


Handful of frozen vegetables, some prawns and a hardboiled egg.


A lot of people say eggs, but I’ve found a spoonful or so of peanut butter is amazing. Add it at the start for a nice, thick broth.


Pickle juice.

Trust me, I’m an engineer.


Fried bacon (chopped to bits after), dried parsley and a little olive oil. It’s great.


Onions, leek, salt, pepper, carrots, beef, fried egg, peas and maybe caraway.


Honey Dijon mustard. Strain out all the water and throw that on there with some of the seasoning packet. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s surprisingly delicious.


Pour out the soup/broth/whatever into a separate bowl using a sieve.

Pour the now dry noodles onto a plate.

Add a little bit of garnish or condiments to your liking and stir/fold the noodles to spread the garnish/condiments evenly.

My preference is a bit of soya sauce and chili/Tabasco sauce.

It’s like having Chinese food but not.


Wagyu beef, egg but raw in the middle, seaweed, cheese, spicy sauce.


A bit of V8, some black pepper, and a dash of garlic. Kinda turns into a spaghetti soup.