55 Worst Things To Say To Your Boss


  1. “I am not working for you; I’m working for the money.”
  2. “I’m clocked out.”
  3. “How many minutes until this work day is done?”
  4. “I partied a little too hard last night.”
  5. “I just assumed that…”
  6. “I promise to do that.” (When you know very much that you will not do it.)
  7. “I’ll try.”
  8. “I turned down an offer of ($XXX) just last week. I was an inch away from accepting, but no, I chose to stay here.”
  9. “If I don’t hear from you, I’ll just do X.”
  10. “You never told me to do it.”
  11. “I don’t like working for other people.”
  12. “I can’t believe you did that.”
  13. “It’s always been done this way.”
  14. “At my last job we did it this way.”
  15. “I’m a Director (Vice President, Partner, Manager, etc.) I don’t need anybody’s permission to act.”
  16. “I can’t.”
  17. “I’ve never had a boss as smart as I am.”
  18. “I’m going to quit after I…”
  19. “Well, I did my best.”
  20. “I agree to disagree.”
  21. “How do I benefit from this?”
  22. “I don’t see what Jerry ever did to deserve that promotion.”
  23. “I don’t have a solution.”
  24. “Leave me alone!”
  25. “That’s not my responsibility.”
  26. “I’m bored.”
  27. “My job is too easy.”
  28. “I’ve tried that before.”
  29. “That takes up too much time.”
  30. “That’s not part of my job.”
  31. “That’s not our priority.”
  32. “Sorry, I must have drifted off.”
  33. “I can’t work with him/her.”
  34. “Yeah, I know I haven’t been performing my job very well. But I’ve been here for an entire year and nobody’s offered me a raise. So where’s my incentive?”
  35. “I’m not optimistic.”
  36. “I have such a hangover/allergies/a cold, I can barely function but I’m here today, anyway.”
  37. “I am one step away from bankruptcy.”
  38. “I’ll leave.”
  39. “It’s too difficult.”
  40. “That’s not what I heard.”
  41. “I was here first. You should promote from within.”
  42. “I’m pretty busy. Can’t it wait?”
  43. “I want to do what’s easiest.”
  44. “That wasn’t the job I applied for.”
  45. “My day is light. Can I leave a few minutes early?”
  46. “Do it yourself!”
  47. “It’s not really my fault; it’s Michael’s fault.”
  48. “I don’t have an opinion.”
  49. “I’m sorry, but…”
  50. “I’m not happy here.”
  51. “That’s impossible.”
  52. “I could be doing other things.”
  53. “No!” (An impolite tone that shows you are not cooperating.)
  54. “I don’t know.”
  55. “He/she is a jerk!”