59 Things To Do Before The End Of Summer


Have a bonfire on the beach, in your back yard, at your mom’s house. Find a nature trail, a spot on a map, a new town you haven’t visited. Go on a roadtrip. Make a playlist with your favorite tunes. Invite some friends. Or ya know, don’t.

Find a really divey bar.  Play a song on the jukebox. Have a drink with an old man who will tell you stories. Buy a one time use camera. Take a walk in the woods. Let yourself get lost. Notice the fullness of the trees, the sounds of summer all around you, the way the air smells different here. Watch some bugs. Take pictures. Keep exploring.

Go somewhere and watch the sunset. Eat salt water taffy. Listen to a lot of top 40 pop music. Go to a carnival. Go to a county fair. Eat your weight in fried foods – elephant ears, fried Oreos, onion rings. Play a game. Win a stuffed animal. Go on a ride. People watch. Take more photos.

Make a fort out of pillows. Go fishing. Have a root beer float. Send a postcard. Drink beers on a porch, on a patio, on a stoop, on a roof. Say hi to someone who walks by. Make someone laugh. Have a dance party for one. Watch a meteor shower in an open field. Have a beach day, a rainy day next to a window, a sick day you take off to nap in the sun.

Kiss someone you think is really great. Drink sangria. Have a cookout. Hang out with someone who has a pool, a lake house, a cottage, or just something somewhere you can get away to for awhile and forget about who you are. Read a book. Read another book. Eat a lot of ice cream. Visit a friend you haven’t seen in a long time. Get lost in conversation until 3 in the morning. Think about someone you miss. Listen to a song that makes you feel alive. Wish this moment could last forever.