6 Amazing Summer Camps For Adults Where You Can Relive Your Glory Days (Or Inspire Something New)


If you’re lucky enough to be someone who went to summer camp as a kid, you probably have fond memories of paddling canoes, swimming in lakes, archery, campfires, and endless s’mores. Maybe you even fell in love with another camper (or your counselor). Well, now you can reclaim this feeling of freedom in your adult life. There are a whole collection of summer camps around the U.S. that are tailored for grown-ups. Here are 6 options, ranging from traditional outdoors camps to modern takes on the concept:

1. Camp No Counselors

The name pretty much says it all, and with a few dates already sold out for this summer, it’s clearly a popular choice. If you’re looking for an experience that includes everything you remember as a kid (read: lake sports, bunk beds, capture the flag, talent shows) plus grown-up amenities such as Mimosa’s at breakfast, an open bar all weekend, and dance parties with no curfew, this might be your must-do vacation this summer. There are still openings at all their locations—Nashville, New York, LA, and Chicago—but you’ll want to book fast to make sure you don’t get left off the water trampoline.

2. Space Academy

If you’re working an office job but really always wanted to be an astronaut, here’s your chance to set things straight. The U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Alabama offers three- and four-day space camps for starry-eyed enthusiasts. You’ll get to build and launch model rockets and try out some simulators, and you’ll probably end up back on Earth at the end of your experience.

3. Club Getaway

There are several themed camp choices at this beautiful getaway located in the Berkshire Mountains in Kent, Connecticut. Pick a camp for young professionals, one for sports and adventure junkies, or a J-weekend designed specifically for Jewish professionals. No matter which one you choose, there’ll be plenty of water and land activities to keep you entertained, plus opportunities to simply relax and get to know each other in a chill face-to-face setting.

4. Basecamp Hotel

If you want a summer camp setting without the organized affair, you can stage your own experience at this boutique lodge in South Lake Tahoe. Gather your friends and pick the rooms you want, which include standard options and creative offerings like The Great Indoors, that has a tent over the bed and a faux fire pit. Then you can create your own itinerary, which might include biking or hiking, plus there’s a 16-person hot tub, and outdoor fire pits, for winding down at the end of each day.

5. Culinary Boot Camp

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being a chef, or perhaps you simply want to throw sweet dinner parties for your friends. The renowned Culinary Institute of America offers three- to five-day camps in Texas, California, and New York. Choose from a variety of themes, like Grilling and BBQ, Farm to Table, Bistro, or Baking, and you’ll get several days of expert instruction, while connecting with your classmates, enjoying your creations, and eating out at fine restaurants. Perhaps best of all, you’ll get to wear a full chef’s uniform, so you’ll feel like the real deal.

6. Zombie Survival Camp

This is a trend that’s still going strong, so if you’re interested in (or nervous about) how to survive a zombie “situation,” this camp was made just for you. There are day-long or weekend choices, and it’s a real-deal affair, where you’ll build skills in weaponry, like training with firearms and crossbows. Plus, you’ll learn useful survival skills. At the end of the experience, you’ll be ready for a zombie attack… and maybe even be better prepared for life.