6 Assumptions We Need To Stop Making About Extroverts


In an attempt to end the war between extrovert and introverts, here are 6 things we extroverts would like everyone to stop assuming about us.

That we aren’t genuine

It can be hard (especially for introverts) to believe a lot of what extroverts say. Extroverts are very open and honest about their thoughts and feelings, which can understandably be hard for more introverted people to comprehend. However, an extrovert’s lack of reservations make it hard for them to be fake, so we truly mean the compliments we give you, and genuinely want to know how you (or the cashier at the grocery store) are doing.

That our relationships are shallow

While extroverts do tend to have more friendships than their introverted counterparts, that does not make these relationships meaningless. Extroverts tend to bond with others quickly, creating a wide variety of relationships in their lives. We don’t do this because we love attention, we do this because we genuinely love people!

That we can’t be alone

As an extrovert, I will surprise you all by saying that I LOVE my alone time. It may not be as important to me as it is to an introvert, and it definitely gets old after a day or two, but that does not mean I don’t cherish it. A common misconception is that when forced to be left alone, an extrovert will collapse into a fit of hysterics until they receive some type of attention. False. While we do love being social, everyone needs a chance to recharge their batteries.

We don’t care about what anyone else has to say

We do! We want to hear what you have to say! We are sorry for interrupting you. We don’t do it to be rude, we just have a lot to say and get excited about it. As people who are energized by social situations, it is very hard to have thought-provoking, interesting conversations without getting overly excited and screaming out every single thought we have.

That we aren’t complex people

While extroverts do tend to share most of their thoughts and feelings, we don’t share them all. We have secrets. We have feelings we don’t share with anyone. We have thoughts and ideas that are just as complex as those of our introverted counterparts. We are creators, artists, and inventors. Our extroversion doesn’t make it impossible for us to have deep, intellectual, and complex thoughts.

That we don’t understand introverts

We totally get it! Not everyone is into being the center of attention, mingling with strangers, or sharing their every thought. That’s fine. Everyone is different. We are not judging you. In certain situations, we envy you. So on the other hand, please do not assume we are dim-witted, superficial simpletons. Can’t we just all get along?