6 Benefits Of Online Dating (For People Who Hate Online Dating)


Have you heard the one about the girl who met her Prince Charming on a dating site?

Sure you have! That’s why you joined Match, Ok Cupid, and Tinder!

What you didn’t hear is how much work is involved in online dating! Not only do you have to make a profile that doesn’t make it sound like your biological clock is on overdrive, but also you have to think of cute replies to every single message, all while warding off the creepers!

It’s exhausting! You want to quit! No one pays you for this shit, I get it! But you know what…you are badass for taking a risk and putting yourself out there! And it’s not all bad is it? You’ve met some interesting people, discovered some fun new date spots and if you keep putting forth the effort you will meet “the one.”

Remember all the good things about online dating when you get discouraged:

1. Shopping for cute boys is fun

Online dating is like shopping for shoes except you get to shop for dudes who will make out with you! Sometimes it’s like shopping in the dollar bin, but it’s still shopping.

2. Improves your conversation skills

Have you ever had to make a conversation last for an hour with someone you have absolutely nothing in common with? Sure you have, on basically Every. Single. Online. Date! Good conversation skills take practice, and a bunch of crappy dates gives you that practice.

3. Makes you a badass risk taker

How many times have you heard a girlfriend say, “I can’t do online dating because I have to meet someone in person before I know if I like him”? Then you think “yeah no shit, so do I. Isn’t that the whole point of a first date? Quit being chicken!”

The only difference between your friend and you is that while they are home on the couch pining for Mr. Right you actually meet men in person to find out if you like them!

4. You Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Remember when you used to go on one date with a guy and freak out if he didn’t call you the next day (i.e. stalk his Instagram account to see what he was up to)?

Your obsessive nature calms down when you start going on lots of dates. That’s because you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You take the time to really get to know people instead of falling in love with the fantasy. Online dating teaches you that not getting a call isn’t the worst thing in the world. Getting cooties is.

5. Your list of “deal breakers” gets smaller

Is your list of dating requirements longer than Repunzel’s hair? Mine was too: he had to be at least 6’ tall, like to spoon, and only eat carbs on Tuesdays.

The more men you date the more you realize what is really important: good values, chemistry, and compatibility; so you learn not to sweat the small stuff. Playing video games an hour a day is not a deal breaker, making out with your sister is a deal breaker.

6. Builds friendships

There’s nothing like bonding with your girlfriends over online dating stories!